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How to Seamlessly Blend Smart Technology into Your Home

Maintain Your Personal Décor While Enjoying the Latest Home Automation

How to Seamlessly Blend Smart Technology into Your Home

Many homeowners like the idea of a smart home system but worry that technology will make spaces feel less homey. Whether your house has a country, beachy, bohemian, or classic interior, you don’t have to sacrifice a cozy atmosphere just because you own a smart system.

In fact, today’s home automation systems and technology can discreetly blend into your home, camouflaging into the walls. Read on to see how we can seamlessly automate your South Florida or Jupiter-area home without losing its character.

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Disconnect from Your Phone

A professionally installed smart home doesn’t rely on a smartphone as the only means of control. With a high-end system like Control4 or Crestron, you don’t have to keep your smartphone at your side just to turn on the lights. There are additional, convenient ways to control and automate your house.

For instance, we can replace traditional on/off light switches with custom keypads that include buttons like “Morning” and “Night’ to adjust lights, shades, thermostats, and door locks accordingly. You can even control music through the keypad buttons. Another option is using wall-mounted touch screens that only turn on when you approach. And to eliminate all tech in sight, you can always use voice control!

Seamless Voice Control

What if you could control your entire house with natural speech—and without the bulk of speakers and wires in every room? Let us introduce you to Josh. The voice assistant was built specifically for smart home automation, and its small microphones are hardly noticeable when mounted on walls or surfaces. In fact, the quarter-sized Micro can blend into light or dark walls, and despite its tiny size, will still hear you across the room.  

Despite using a voice assistant, you’ll still feel like you’re ‘unplugging’ and not looking at screens all day. And with a secure voice assistant like, you can trust that your conversations aren’t being used for data collection. 

Hidden Screens & Speakers   

Smart systems let you select and share media across multiple displays and audio speakers in your home. But if you want to reduce the amount of tech in your house, opt for hidden AV solutions. There’s an entire range of hidden AV products available, including Samsung’s The Frame TV that turns into a work of art when powered off or Séura’s mirror TVs. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver robust, high-quality sound without any visible equipment. 

Bring Smart Technology to Your South Florida Home

If you’re curious about home automation or would like to expand your existing system, Definitive Electronics is here to help. Our team of experienced technicians can build the smart home of your dreams.

Contact our team here or chat with us in the messenger box below. We look forward to working with you!

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