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Save Time & Reduce Stress with Crestron Automation

Explore the Many Possibilities Crestron Brings to Your Home

Save Time & Reduce Stress with Crestron Automation

How often do you find yourself saying, ‘Where did the day go?’ Or ‘I wish I had time to do that.’ 

Where does the time go? Why do so many of us still feel busy and overwhelmed in the twenty-first century? Technology was supposed to make our lives simpler, but so far, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps that’s because most of us feel pulled in several directions. If you think of your to-do list, how many of the tasks seem completely separate from each other? If only there were an easy way to do it all…

We can’t help you with those large to-dos, but we can help make your everyday life a little easier. With Crestron automation, all of your home’s technologies are synced and automated into one system. That means that in the morning, for instance, your blinds can rise automatically, lights can turn on, and the thermostat adjusts without needing any input from you. 

With these small tasks taken off your plate, life suddenly feels a little more manageable. Read on to discover all that’s possible with Crestron automation and how it will bring convenience and ease to your home in Vero Beach, FL, or the surrounding areas. 

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Control It All with Crestron 

Crestron’s smart home electronics are designed to fit seamlessly together in one system. That system can also include devices made by other brands like Amazon, Sony, Google, Lutron, Sonance, and more. 

With Crestron automation, you can use your smartphone, tablet, touch screen, remote, or voice assistant to control: 

  • Indoor and landscape lighting 
  • Motorized shades 
  • Whole-home speakers 
  • TVs and projectors 
  • Streaming and cable 
  • Wi-Fi/Network 
  • HVAC 
  • Pool and spa 
  • Fans
  • Garage doors 
  • Surveillance cameras 
  • Smart locks 
  • Energy management 
  • And more! 

Even if you’re away from home, you can remotely check on your property or turn technology on and off via the Crestron app. At home, everything is consolidated into a single system that you’ll access on a remote, wall keypads, or touch screens. 

Automated & Off Your Mind 

It happens every day—the sun sets, and we turn on the lights and lower the shades. What if your home took care of this for you? A Crestron system can be programmed to activate your lighting and shading according to a schedule. Not only that, it can automate the color temperature and brightness of your lights, too, so you always enjoy the perfect mood lighting. 

The same can be applied to the rest of your home’s technology. The air conditioner, motorized shades, door locks, and even smart coffee pot can be scheduled to turn on at specific times. No longer will you dart from room to room, turning things on and off. Crestron does it all for you.

Are you curious about Crestron technology for your Florida home? Contact Definitive Electronics to learn more about our smart home installations. We look forward to assisting you! 

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