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  • outdoor entertainment

    Create the perfect oasis to enjoy music and TV outside with family and friends

  • high performance audio

    Hear the difference with the best audio components to elevate your listening experience

  • multi-room video

    Share your video sources (cable, satellite, Apple TV, or game console) across multiple TVs in your home


    hidden audio video

    Enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite streaming content without the clutter when you invest in hidden audio video solutions. In-wall wiring, automated lifts and recessed components help hide your system for easy access that doesn’t disrupt the décor. Combine style and function with the touch of a button for a smart system you love to use.

    home theater

    Experience your favorite movies, sports, video games and television content the way they were meant to be enjoyed in a dedicated home theater system for your Jupiter, FL residence. From 4K Ultra HD images to immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound, your media has never looked or sounded so good in the privacy of your own home. We craft customized solutions to fit your space for optimal visual and acoustic playback.

    multi-room music

    Stream lossless audio to any room of your home with a comprehensive multi-room music system. From the bedroom to the living room and everywhere in between, you can listen to a virtually endless library of music and podcasts from your personal collection to vast libraries of streaming content. And you can control it all with a single touch-panel device.

    multi-room video

    Start a movie in your home theater and finish it in your bedroom when you install a professional multi-room video distribution system. Maintain constant quality throughout all of your spaces with a simple-to-use system that allows you to pause a movie or program in one room and pick it up in another. Enjoy less clutter and optimal video quality in each room with smarter solutions for every space.

    outdoor entertainment

    Don’t stay cooped up in your home theater all year long! Get out an enjoy the fresh air with an integrated outdoor entertainment system. Enjoy the same movies, sports, games and television content you love inside your house with an outdoor system designed to withstand the elements and optimized to overcome the lighting and sound conditions of your outdoor spaces.

    high performance audio

    Stream the latest and greatest music on the very best high-end audio components available to your residence. Smart in-wall and freestanding solutions transform every room into a concert hall. With easy-to-navigate controls, you can find all the information you need to play your favorite tracks in each room. Build a system, define a playlist and never miss a moment of your favorite music.

    have an upcoming residential project?

    Residential project? For absolute control and convenience that’s both sophisticated and easy to use, the first step is clicking here…

    1097 Jupiter Park Lane Ste. 3
    Jupiter, FL 33458

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