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Home Automation in the Kitchen: Top 5 Benefits

We Love Automation Across the Whole House, But Here’s Why It’s Extra Helpful in the Kitchen

Home Automation in the Kitchen: Top 5 Benefits

When we talk about whole-home automation, we often discuss accessing surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world or setting smart lights for the perfect mood. But a home automation system like Crestron and Control4 can be specifically applied to make the most of each room in your house!  

Smart technology has its own unique benefits in every space, from the backyard to the bathrooms. But in this blog, we’ll be focusing on how smart home living can enhance your experience in the kitchen. Get inspired for your home in West Palm Beach or the South Florida area below!

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Lighting for Cooking, Cleaning & Entertaining

Everyone loves cozy, moody lighting for glasses of wine and dining. But that same lighting is no help for cleaning up the dinner table or countertops after the meal. You may miss some dirty plates, silverware, or pans!

Luckily, a smart home system like Control4 or Crestron makes it easy to transform your kitchen’s lighting in seconds. We can create custom scenes like “Cooking,” “Cleaning,” and “Dinner” that will adjust brightness levels and color temperatures for each activity.  


Take Whole-Home Music to the Kitchen

Home automation makes it easier to control and enjoy music across your entire house. From one app, you can connect dozens of speakers and adjust volume levels for the whole group. Why not in the kitchen too?

You can enjoy your favorite playlists and podcasts while you cook—no headphones in sight. Plus, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver high-fidelity sound with less kitchen clutter.

Follow Recipes on a Waterproof Screen

What if you had a screen mounted flat against the wall ready to display cooking tutorials or other entertainment? We can integrate waterproof 4K screens into your kitchen that sync to the Control4 or Crestron system.


Smart Sensors & Alarms for Safety

Home automation can also help you prevent accidents and disasters in the kitchen. We’ll integrate smoke detectors in your system so that if an alarm goes off, your phone will be immediately alerted. So, if the kids are home alone, you’ll know right away if someone sets off the alarm.

Water sensors can also notify you if leaking occurs under the kitchen sink or behind the fridge. This is especially helpful for vacation homes that aren’t occupied for several months a year.    


Connect Your Coffee Pot & Refrigerator, Too!

The modern kitchen is getting even smarter, which means if you own a ‘smart’ coffee pot or refrigerator, they can be connected to your home’s ecosystem, too! You’ll still need to put coffee grounds and water in the machine the night before, but from bed, you can start your coffee pot, so it’s ready for your morning routine.

As for the fridge, select smart settings like “Party” that will make extra ice or “Away” to save energy while preserving your food.  

Hands-Free Control

Whether you’re kneading dough or marinating chicken, your hands often get messy in the kitchen. Thankfully, you can still turn on lights, play a song, or change the TV channel without needing to wash and dry your hands repeatedly. With a voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home, or connected to your smart system, you only need to say, “Dim the lights,” and your kitchen will respond instantly!

Are you ready to bring home automation to your kitchen and the rest of your West Palm Beach-area house? Contact our smart home company today to learn more and get started! 

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