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Bring high-fidelity sound to every area of your Florida home (and outdoors, too) with multi-room audio. Learn more about AV technology in our blog series here. 

Enjoy Every Day a Little More with Multi-Room Audio

Whole-Home Audio Delivers Music and Audio to Every Room in Your Home

Enjoy Every Day a Little More with Multi-Room Audio

One of our clients’ favorite smart entertainment systems is multi-room audio. They often tell us that they’ve never enjoyed so much music in their home before. Others comment on the ease of use and the joy they feel when their five-year-old picks out a song and the room in which she wants to hear it and then dances her little heart out.

Also known as whole-home audio, this system brings music and every other form of audio to every room in your home. Via a touchscreen, remote, or in-wall keypad, you select the audio source and the space you want to hear it in—even your entire home—and let the melody fill every room. 

Let’s look at what makes these systems so special and why homeowners in Vero Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas fall in love with them.

3 Ways Multiroom Audio Is a Smart Investment

All Music, All Areas, All the Time

3 Ways Multiroom Audio Is a Smart Investment

Music can set an ambiance and a mood. Whether you want a fast beat to energize your workout or just to relax by the pool on a beautiful Florida afternoon, music can put you in the desired frame of mind.

Most people tend to have a primary audio system as part of their media room or home theater and may employ Bluetooth or other small powered speakers for convenient sound in different rooms. But what if you could enjoy music with equal fidelity as you move from room to room in your Vero Beach home? That's exactly what you can have with a multiroom audio system. Read below to learn how multiroom audio enhances your home and lifestyle. 

Let Exquisite Music Fill Your Home with Multi-Room Audio

Listen to Every Audio Source in Every Room through Nearly Invisible Speakers

Let Exquisite Music Fill Your Home with Multi-Room Audio

You walk into your home after a long day and hear your favorite playlist streaming in crystal-clear sound. You can feel your shoulders relaxing as the music follows you to the fridge, bedroom, and into your outdoor area where your spa is preheated, and your landscape lights have created the perfect, enchanting setting. You dive into the pool to swim a couple of laps, motivated by the jazz from your underwater speakers. Now, that is luxury living. 

This scenario is possible thanks to smart home automation and a multi-room audio system. At Definitive Electronics, we partner with cutting-edge, high-performance brands in home automation and AV electronics, bringing our clients the latest technology on the market that’s also easy to use. 

Let’s look at what a whole-home audio system is and what it offers homeowners in West Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas.

So Long, Headphones. It’s Time for Multi-Room Audio 

How to Get Started with Whole-Home Music

So Long, Headphones. It’s Time for Multi-Room Audio 

If you’re a music lover, multi-room audio makes music an even more integral part of daily life. It means you no longer need to crank the volume on your speaker to hear it across the house. Nor do you need to keep headphones on while you’re trying to soundtrack your day. 

A whole-home sound system connects a series of speakers to play in unison, letting you select rooms and media right from your phone. Read on to learn how multi-room sound works and how it will bring joy to your Boca Raton, FL home. 

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