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Articles in Category: Motorized Window Shades

Motorized window shades not only save you time each day but can help you save energy and improve home security. Learn more about smart home technology here!

Manage Daylight Effortlessly with Motorized Window Shades

Enjoy Automated and One-Touch Control of your Window Coverings

Manage Daylight Effortlessly with Motorized Window Shades

Imagine waking up to the soft, gentle light of the first rays of the sun, despite having lowered your blackout shades when you went to sleep. Then, you walk into the kitchen to see your beautiful outdoor areas through gleaming windows, even though you lowered all your shades before you retired. 

Throughout the day, your shades raise and lower based on the temperature, direct sunlight, and preset schedules. As a result, you experience the beauty of diffuse daylight without the intense direct sun that brings excess heat and damage. Then, when it's time for bed, you tap the button on the in-wall keypad that reads, "Good Night," and all your shades lower in perfect unison.

This life of luxury is made possible by motorized window shades. Let’s explore the possibilities and how to bring effortless control of daylight to your home in Stuart, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Manual Window Shades vs. Motorized: Let’s Compare

In Florida, It’s No Contest

Manual Window Shades vs. Motorized: Let’s Compare

If you live in Palm Beach, shades are essential to tame the Florida sun. Everyone loves the sun’s light and warmth, but too much of it causes heat buildup, UV damage to interiors, and glare. 

Of course, manual window coverings can help. But you’ve likely seen that Florida home somewhere that was unusually dark inside on the brightest day. Why? Its owner didn’t want to deal with the hassle of raising and lowering shades or drawing or opening curtains. Of course, that extreme robs a home of natural light. But that’s where motorized window shades and treatments come in.

Let’s compare the advantages of motorized window treatments to manual ones. In Palm Beach, we think there’s a clear winner!

When Will You Use Motorized Shades? At Least 6 Times a Day!

Discover the Convenience Motorized Window Shades Bring to Daily Life

When Will You Use Motorized Shades? At Least 6 Times a Day!

When many people hear the term ‘smart home,’ they think of The Jetsons or the ‘90s movie Smart House. They may imagine gadgets and gizmos and a computer that takes over.

In reality, smart homes are much less dramatic—but much more luxurious—than science fiction depicts. Today, luxury homeowners across Vero Beach and Palm Beach live with smart systems that blend seamlessly into their house. You may not even realize someone owns a ‘smart home’ until you notice their window shades lowering on their own.

Motorized window shades are an essential element to smart homes, thanks to their many lifestyle benefits. Yet some people still ask us: are motorized shades really necessary? After all, you’ve lived your entire life with manual shades. Why switch now?

Below, we share six times a day you can imagine using smart shades in your Florida home.