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Articles in Category: High-End Audio

High-end audio has the power to recreate detailed and luscious audio just as it sounded in the recording studio. Learn more here! 

Introduction to Outdoor Audio: Commonly Asked Questions

How to Bring High-End Audio to Your Outdoor Spaces Year-Round

Introduction to Outdoor Audio: Commonly Asked Questions

If you’re relaxing and socializing under the string lights, music will boost everyone’s mood just as much as a bottle of wine. But if someone heads to the pool or volleyball net, a portable speaker’s audio will fade out of earshot. Anyone far away from the speaker will become disconnected from the music and, likewise, the gathering itself.

But when you own a backyard sound system, you never have to worry about music fading into the distance or cranking your speaker to the loudest volume. With outdoor high-end audio, we create a sound field that blankets your entire lawn in music.

While all of the above sounds great, you may have many questions. For instance, how does one get started with outdoor audio? What brands are the most durable in all weather, and how will you use them? We answer all your weatherproof speaker questions below so you can make the most of your Vero Beach, FL, outdoor spaces.

The Difference Between Low-End and High-End Audio

What Makes Some Speaker Brands Superior?

The Difference Between Low-End and High-End Audio

We all know that certain speakers are worth more than others and are considered better quality. But why is that? What makes a high-end speaker? 

The difference is something anyone can decipher by listening and comparing. High-end audio is built to produce a more detailed and dynamic sound. The quality of a speaker’s materials and assembly influences how close a piece of equipment can accurately reproduce an audio signal. 

That means whether you’re in the home theater or listening room, you’ll be fully immersed in the audio when you own high-end speakers. Below, we’ll share what makes premier speakers stand out and which brands to trust for your home in the West Palm Beach, FL area.