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Definitive Electronics offers custom motorized window shades and smart technology solutions in Palm Beach and other Florida cities. 

Manual Window Shades vs. Motorized: Let’s Compare

In Florida, It’s No Contest

Manual Window Shades vs. Motorized: Let’s Compare

If you live in Palm Beach, shades are essential to tame the Florida sun. Everyone loves the sun’s light and warmth, but too much of it causes heat buildup, UV damage to interiors, and glare. 

Of course, manual window coverings can help. But you’ve likely seen that Florida home somewhere that was unusually dark inside on the brightest day. Why? Its owner didn’t want to deal with the hassle of raising and lowering shades or drawing or opening curtains. Of course, that extreme robs a home of natural light. But that’s where motorized window shades and treatments come in.

Let’s compare the advantages of motorized window treatments to manual ones. In Palm Beach, we think there’s a clear winner!

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