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Definitive Electronicis South Florida’s premier home automation companyfor smart technologies including AV, security and more. Learn about us here! 

Why DIY Smart Homes Fall Short

Disjointed Devices Are Unreliable & Complicated to Use. Here’s How a Professionally Installed System Makes a Difference

Why DIY Smart Homes Fall Short

We’re a home automation company. Yet when we hear people complain that smart homes are “overrated” or “don’t work” (like this article in Gizmodo), we take no offense. Why not? 

Because we know that these smart homes were not professionally installed with the best control systems. They're DIY smart homes, relying on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and “20 different apps” to control it all. If you only use off-the-shelf smart gadgets from Amazon or Best Buy, it’s no surprise that you’ll run into trouble!  

For a real smart home experience, you need to partner with a home automation company (like our team in Palm Beach, FL) that can seamlessly wire and program your entire house’s technology. Here’s why a professional smart system makes all the difference. 

A Day in the Life With Home Automation

Work with Our Expert Company, And You’re One Step Away From This Dream

A Day in the Life With Home Automation

Many people spend hours working on some aspect of their Florida home. But what if the opposite could be true - and your home could work for you? Imagine waking up each day to a residence that optimizes your comfort, convenience, and entertainment with every step you take.

With one call to your premier local home automation company - Definitive Electronics - you could watch your Boca Raton or surrounding area abode turn into a luxurious, integrated space. We’ll show you the possibilities by walking you through a day in the life within a smart home, much like many projects we’ve installed before.