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4 Common Misconceptions About Smart Homes

Dispelling Those Smart Home Myths Once and For All

4 Common Misconceptions About Smart Homes

Here at Definitive Electronics, we’re smart home fanatics. Why? Because we’ve seen how they add convenience, comfort, security, and entertainment to people’s lives.

With a smart home system, all of your devices—from motorized shades to multi-room audio—are connected to one centralized controller. Managing a home has never been easier than it is today with home automation. So, with benefits like these, why are so many people still hesitant to leap into smart home technology? 

This reluctance may be due to previous misconceptions about smart homes. Unless you have first-hand experience living in an automated home, you might not know what you’re missing.

In this article, we look at four common smart home myths and share why we think they’re untrue. Then you can get an idea of how smart home services will add luxury and relaxation to your Jupiter, FL home.

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Myth 1: There Will Be Robots and Gadgets Everywhere  

Many people’s minds immediately go to sci-fi when they hear the phrase ‘smart home,’ and may imagine a house like in The Jetsons. But the truth is, smart technology can hide and blend into your home seamlessly, preserving the cozy, homey feel you love.

The homeowners we work with might own a floor-cleaning robot, but that’s not necessary to the smart home experience. Realistically, a smart home simply makes it easier to control lighting, audio, video, security, thermostats, and more. You can consolidate switches and remotes into sleek wall keypads or touch screens and hide speakers within the walls and ceilings for less technical clutter.


Myth 2: I Own Smart Devices, So I Have a Smart Home  

We hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but a voice-controlled speaker or a Bluetooth-connected lightbulb does not make a home smart. We define smart homes systems as a centralized controller that connects all your home’s subsystems—lighting, shading, cooling, entertainment, security, door locks, and more. You shouldn’t need to shuffle between different apps or remotes to use your smart home. It should all be in one system.

Myth 3: Smart Homes Are Easily Hacked

Another frequent misconception is that smart homes are vulnerable and could be hacked at any time. Data privacy is one of the utmost concerns of our smart home company, and we only use secure, up-to-date hardware and software with firewalls, encryptions, and strong passwords on your network. If you’re concerned about privacy, that’s a good reason to ensure your automated home is up to date and checked out by a technology professional. 

Myth 4: I Need to Be Tech-Savvy to Have a Smart Home

Not at all! Smart systems like Control4 and Crestron have intuitive interfaces on their screens and panels that are easy to navigate. If you’ve used a smartphone before, you can manage a smart home. Plus, when you partner with a smart home integrator, we’ll handle the entire installation for you and show you how to use the system.  

If you’re curious to learn more about smart home services in the Jupiter, Florida area, look no further than Definitive Electronics. We design, install, and program customized solutions to enhance and support your unique lifestyle needs. Contact us here to get started today!

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