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From home theaters to outdoor audio, we offer a range of home audio-video solutions. Get inspired by our home AV blog here! 

The Benefits and Features of a Whole-Home Audio-Video System

Enjoy High-Definition Video and High-Resolution Audio in Every Room

The Benefits and Features of a Whole-Home Audio-Video System

A smart home is designed to offer the ultimate in convenience, comfort, beauty, and entertainment. With one touch, homeowners, their families, and guests can transform the lighting, adjust the shades, lock the doors, and lower the temperature in one room or the entire home. The cornerstone of these homes, however, is the remarkable entertainment derived from a whole-home audio-video system. 

Let’s explore what a distributed media system is and how it’s changing how families in West Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas enjoy their entertainment.

What's Trending: Hidden TVs

Enjoy Style and Functionality without the Clutter

What's Trending: Hidden TVs

Ever since TVs could hang on walls, that's where they've remained in many homes. They are the statement piece above the mantle or the primary attraction in the family living room. But, homeowners who prefer a more luxurious interior design may not appreciate the look of a giant "black hole" mounted on the wall.  

The idea behind the rising trend in hidden TVs is to allow homeowners to enjoy their home audio-video entertainment and put it away when done. No more wires to contend with or dusty screens to maintain. If you prefer to combine style with function in your home in Stuart, FL or th surrounding area, continue reading to learn more about the different options available in hidden TVs.

What’s New with TVs Today?

Time for an Upgrade? Explore All Your Options!

What’s New with TVs Today?

Has it been years since you last bought a television? If so, you may be unaware of all that’s been happening in the world of TVs! 

Not only are visuals better than ever with stunning 4K and even 8K, but many brands like Sony and Samsung offer exciting and convenient built-in features. In fact, we now have TVs that can camouflage into works of art when powered off! 

At Definitive Electronics, we offer high-end AV solutions in West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas, with home theater, surround sound, and home control services. We live and breathe home audio-video— here’s what we’re most excited about today. 

3 Best Upgrades to Make to Your Home Audio-Video

Did You Know Your Home Entertainment Could Be This Good?

3 Best Upgrades to Make to Your Home Audio-Video

Is it finally time to upgrade your home audio or video setup? 

You may not realize it, but just like you can hire a professional to landscape your lawn or an interior designer to decorate, you can also partner with a home AV company to install stunning entertainment solutions. A professional like Definitive Electronics knows how to design and install home audio-video systems that can only be described as luxury. 

Despite how we love jaw-dropping visuals and incredible surround sound, AV isn’t only about the appearance and sound. It needs to be intuitive to control for the homeowner, too. 

Here are some of the best services we can offer your Stuart, FL home! 

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