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How Landscape Lighting Adds Distinct Value to Your Florida Home

Make the Most of Your Property After Dark

How Landscape Lighting Adds Distinct Value to Your Florida Home

You likely spend considerable time and money on the outside appearance of your home. With the temperate weather in Florida, you can make your yard and landscape look great all year long. But is the beauty of your exterior showing through after sunset? Unfortunately, many homeowners miss out on the opportunity to add flair, beauty, and safety to the outside visage of their home with light. 

There's no need to let your home's beauty languish in the dark. Here are several ways landscape lighting adds safety, aesthetics and value to your home in Vero Beach or the surrounding areas.

5 Handy Ways to Use Home Lighting Automation

See Your Florida Home in an All-New Light

5 Handy Ways to Use Home Lighting Automation

Off-the-shelf smart bulbs are fun devices to play with at home—but they aren’t a practical solution to illuminate your entire house. Why not? For one thing, these bulbs rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for you to control and automate. And everyone knows how unreliable and finicky both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be. 

Additionally, plug-and-play bulbs aren’t sophisticated enough to sync rooms and control the entire house simultaneously. For that kind of experience (and yes, it’s possible!), you’ll need a home lighting automation system.

Controllers by manufacturers like LutronControl4, and Crestron let you group lights and shades into rooms and create custom settings that influence the brightness and color of your lights. With lighting automation, actions occur automatically, so you won’t even have to lift a finger. And when your system is wired by a professional, you aren’t at Bluetooth’s mercy, hoping it will work. You can even automate the lights when you aren’t home!

Read on to see how a lighting automation system will do wonders for your home in the Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL area! 

5 Ways to Access & Control Your Lutron Smart Lighting System

Because Automated Lighting & Shading Should Be Convenient to Use

5 Ways to Access & Control Your Lutron Smart Lighting System

Motorized shades and smart lights are some of the most exciting home innovations in recent years. Across your entire South Florida house, you can modify the appearance of your lights, turn them all off, and lower the shades simultaneously. 

But while smart technology should feel magical, it should also be easy and intuitive to use. If you’re preparing the house for visitors, you might not want to run back to the kitchen to grab your phone—just to adjust the lights. And if it’s late at night, you may not want to stare at a bright screen to lower the shades.

Smartphone control is incredibly handy, but it’s not the only way to use your Lutron smart lighting control system. Read on to learn about the five ways you can access Lutron smart lighting and get inspired for your Palm Beach home. 

When Will You Use Motorized Shades? At Least 6 Times a Day!

Discover the Convenience Motorized Window Shades Bring to Daily Life

When Will You Use Motorized Shades? At Least 6 Times a Day!

When many people hear the term ‘smart home,’ they think of The Jetsons or the ‘90s movie Smart House. They may imagine gadgets and gizmos and a computer that takes over.

In reality, smart homes are much less dramatic—but much more luxurious—than science fiction depicts. Today, luxury homeowners across Vero Beach and Palm Beach live with smart systems that blend seamlessly into their house. You may not even realize someone owns a ‘smart home’ until you notice their window shades lowering on their own.

Motorized window shades are an essential element to smart homes, thanks to their many lifestyle benefits. Yet some people still ask us: are motorized shades really necessary? After all, you’ve lived your entire life with manual shades. Why switch now?

Below, we share six times a day you can imagine using smart shades in your Florida home.

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