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reliable, clean energy

Transform your electrical system into a self-sustaining microgrid with The RoseWater Energy Hub


lighting control

Create the perfect ambiance and save energy with intelligent and effortless control of your lights


motorized window treatments

Maximize efficiency with automated window coverings for shades, drapery, and more…


climate control

Create a comfortable environment with smart temperature control across zoned spaces for you and your guests


    the rosewater energy hub

    The RoseWater Energy Hub is widely considered the most intelligent residential energy solution on the market today. It offers a seamless, cost-effective total system integration solution using a dual inverter system with solar input that blends power conditioning, backup, and renewable energy management into one pre-assembled, configured and integrated platform; in essence transforming the electrical system in place into a self-sustaining microgrid.

    green home technology

    Sustainability is key to a smart home automation system that runs smoothly and reduces your carbon footprint. Dimmable lighting, motorized window shades, HVAC and more can help your Jupiter, FL property lower the impact on the environment. And to truly “go green” you’ll need a system in which every component works together. We work with LEED certified architects, designers and builders to craft a smart home that helps you save energy.

    energy monitoring

    Keep an eye on your energy usage with intuitive, easy-to-use energy monitoring software. Your smart home can help you manage your energy consumption, identify pain points and automatically alert you to potential overuse. You can even set limits on your system’s usage, so it won’t waste energy even when you’re away.

    climate control

    When the sun starts shining in the summer, you’ll be relying heavily on your HVAC system. Unfortunately, that can quickly drive up energy costs. Smart climate control features help you keep track of your energy usage and set limits on how much your HVAC system consumes. As part of a total home automation system, your integrated thermostat can communicate with lights, shades and more to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature and a manageable energy bill.

    motorized window treatments

    Most heat transfer your home experiences comes through the windows. Don’t suffer from solar heat gain, damaging UV rays or lack of privacy. Motorized window shades are an important part of any home automation system. Not only do they block the sun, they can also help you insulate your home to reduce your reliance on the thermostat.

    occupancy sensors

    Never forget to turn the lights off when you invest in integrated occupancy sensors. When you enter a room, your sensors alert your home automation to spring into action. The thermostat adjusts, the shades lower, the lights raise or dim. You don’t have to constantly adjust each room to fit your comfort level. Your home automation system can do the work for you.

    lighting control

    A house isn’t a home without a lighting control system, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste energy to illuminate your spaces effectively. Smart lighting is a great place to start when you want to lower your monthly expenses. From one-touch controls to occupancy sensors, to efficient LED fixtures, upgrading your smart lighting control system can have a big impact on your carbon footprint.

    want to learn more?

    If you want to learn more about how your smart home automation system can help you manage energy usage, just click below.

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