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What’s New with TVs Today?

Time for an Upgrade? Explore All Your Options!

What’s New with TVs Today?

Has it been years since you last bought a television? If so, you may be unaware of all that’s been happening in the world of TVs! 

Not only are visuals better than ever with stunning 4K and even 8K, but many brands like Sony and Samsung offer exciting and convenient built-in features. In fact, we now have TVs that can camouflage into works of art when powered off! 

At Definitive Electronics, we offer high-end AV solutions in West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas, with home theater, surround sound, and home control services. We live and breathe home audio-video— here’s what we’re most excited about today. 

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OLED TVs: Deeper Blacks & Richer Colors 

If you’re looking for the best video quality, a 4K OLED display is your best bet. You may have a general understanding of what 4K means—that it’s four times the amount of pixels on a standard 1080p screen. But what is OLED? 

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. And by ‘organic,’ we don’t mean something you’d find in the grocery store. It means that every pixel is individually illuminated rather than through a single backlight. Sony’s 4K OLED screen displays eight million self-illuminating pixels that create more accurate colors, deeper blacks, and a brighter image. 

The Frame: Disguise Your TV as a Work of Art 

Does a black rectangle on the wall clash with your interior design? For the design-oriented homeowner, Samsung has a solution. The Frame TV turns into a realistic work of art when powered off—so your guests will have no idea that the masterpiece above the fireplace is really a TV! 

When ‘Art Mode’ is activated, you can choose from over 1,200 works of art and change the image anytime. Plus, The Frame includes a brightness sensor that adjusts the screen’s brightness level according to the surroundings, so it never looks too bright or dull. 

4K TVs Built for Outdoors 

We consider ourselves lucky to live in Florida, where nights are warm most of the year. If you want to spend more time outside on your patio or by the pool, did you know there are weatherproof TVs you can keep mounted outdoors all year long? 

Séura’s outdoor TVs not only thrive in extreme weather and temperatures, but they look stunning in 4K too. Séura’s outdoor displays are available in partial-sun and full-shade models, with brightness levels suited for different amounts of sunshine. If you’re a Samsung fan, they recently debuted their own outdoor TV, The Terrace, which is also fully weatherproof in 4K. 

The Wall: A TV of Titanic Proportions 

In home theaters, projectors used to be the only way to achieve larger-than-life dimensions. But Samsung’s massive new TV, The Wall, is changing the game. 

The Wall is constructed of modular microLED panels that can cover any size and shape—even a curved wall! By spanning your field of vision, The Wall is a great choice for home theaters. It also enables 8K and even 16K content while minimizing harmful blue light, so it’s easy on the eyes. 

Find the Perfect Display for Your Home 

If you live in the West Palm Beach area, you can see these incredible displays up close and personal in our audio-video showroom. Contact us here to set up an appointment. We look forward to working with you!