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3 Updates You’ll Want for Your Next Home Theater

Make Your Theater State of the Art

3 Updates You’ll Want for Your Next Home Theater

Do you have an existing home theater in your Boca Raton, FL home? Even if it is only five years old, do you know that you might not have the best in visuals and sound? 

In the past, audio and video technology did not move quite as quickly. But the advances in digital video and audio just keep accelerating faster these days. Let’s explore three areas that look quite different from the home theater system of just five or six years ago.

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4K and 8K Projectors

Higher resolution projectors for home theater were not quite as prevalent as they are today. In some cases, they used technology to simulate 4K resolution. While 4K resolution was available 5-7 years ago, the price points were also significantly higher. One other technology that makes a significant difference in picture quality – high dynamic range (HDR) – has become highly prevalent in today's equipment. HDR enables images with better contrast and more vivid colors for eye-popping performance on the big screen.

Dolby Atmos Immersive Sound

Dolby Atmos was introduced in 2015 for residential use and has transformed surround sound for home cinema. It gives audio engineers greater control of sound mixing to create a three-dimensional sound field in a movie soundtrack. With a newer receiver or processor that properly decodes the format and the right amount of surround and ceiling speakers in your theater, you can experience a much more immersive level of sound than you have before at home. Better yet, a large and ever-growing amount of content is using Dolby Atmos, so you can enjoy better sound from Netflix shows, streaming movies, and more. 

Easier Control

Home theaters can be complicated. There is lots of equipment to turn on, set to the right settings, and manage and control. There is also lighting, window treatments, motorized screens, and other things that all need to be choreographed. Home theaters should be all about entertainment and fun, not work to operate. While good control systems certainly existed several years ago, today’s solutions are next level. 

Just like your smartphone is so much easier and more powerful to use now, today’s AV and home automation control is also that much better. Interfaces are more visual and intuitive, more customizable, and offer more ways to control a home theater than before. You can do it via an AV remote, a touchscreen, or even voice control. What’s more, we can design control systems that let you do it with your preferred method. 


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