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Lutron Lighting Control: The Perfect Tool for Interior Design

Add More Value to Your Interior Design Work with Smart Lighting Systems

Lutron Lighting Control: The Perfect Tool for Interior Design

In many ways, design is all about light. When you first enter a room, where are your eyes supposed to go? How are you meant to feel in a space during the day, then at night? How do the colors look under different lighting, and how can that alter the mood? 

If you’re an interior designer, you have an eye for light and color and know how to use it to influence a room’s atmosphere. But all your hard work can be ruined in an instant once a client changes a lightbulb with the wrong color temperature or brightness. Suddenly, a wall that once looked a pleasant mint green now looks sickly. 

But with Lutron lighting control, LED lightbulbs can be customized to the exact brightness, color, and temperature your clients desire, adjusting each individual light or entire rooms at once. Your work has never looked better, and homeowners will love their newfound control. 

Read on to discover how a Lutron lighting control system works below and will boost your Jupiter, FL design projects. You may never want to use regular lighting again!

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What Is Lutron Lighting Control? 

Lutron is a whole-home system, either wired or wireless (or both) that connects a home’s lighting and shading to a centralized controller. Via wall keypads, touch screens, or voice control, you can customize the way lights look and even create automated schedules. Circadian lighting, for instance, adjusts lights to replicate natural sunlight outside. You can select individual bulbs or turn the entire house on and off simultaneously. It’s all in your hands! 

Transform the Mood with Tunable Lights 

In a Lutron system, lights are never committed to just one look. Instead, you and your clients can modify the color and brightness of each light by sliding your finger on a dial through your phone, tablet, or control panel. Then save preset scenes that can be relived anytime. 

When meeting with clients, be sure to demonstrate the advantages of tunable lighting to them. Show them that lights can be set to a brighter white during the day and cozy golden tones at night for a more comfortable atmosphere. And when it’s party time? Select vibrant, colorful hues to set the scene for mixed drinks and conversations. When they see Lutron lighting in action, they’ll want to try it themselves!

Emphasize Artwork and Fabrics 

A piece of modern art on the wall, a bold green couch—what lighting looks best on the home pieces you curate? A Lutron lighting control system allows you to fine-tune light fixtures to complement the colors in each room. Suddenly, the bathroom tiles pop under an arctic white shine, and the red curtains stand out under rose-gold lighting.

Get Creative with Motorized Shades 

Smart LED bulbs are only one-half of a lighting design. Incorporate motorized shades in your decorating, so with one tap of a button or voice command, homeowners can raise and lower every window treatment in unison. Luton’s smart shades and drapes are available in endless colors, fabrics, and styles, so you don’t have to sacrifice your artistic vision for smart technology. And your clients will enjoy the clean appearance of all their shades aligned at the same level, commanding instant privacy and style. 

Partner with a Smart Home Integrator 

To bring automated lighting to your interior design work, Definitive Electronics is Jupiter, FL’s expert smart home installer. We can work with you to design, install, and program a lighting system that suits your client’s desires.

Contact our team here to expand your projects and portfolio today. 

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