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What Is Home AV Integration?

Simplify & Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience

What Is Home AV Integration?

Imagine you’re in the kitchen and feel like listening to that band you loved in high school. You take out your phone, and with a tap of a button, it starts playing over the room’s speakers. 

Now you’re heading out to the patio. Want to keep listening? Select your outdoor speakers through the same app—and the song will welcome you as you step into the sun. 

Such is the power of AV integration. When you own a smart home system like Crestron or Control4, all your home’s entertainment, speakers, and displays are connected to the same network and controls. 

How does AV integration work, and what are your options? Discover the possibilities for your Vero Beach, FL home with help from Definitive Electronics.

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Connect It All to One System 

‘AV integration’ means merging media sources and equipment into one control system. From the same interface, you’ll select speakers, screens, and media for the entire house. From Netflix to the Blu-ray player, to Spotify and your record player, it’s all connected. Gone are the days of using a different remote, app, or TV input for every experience. Whether in the home theater or backyard, it’s all on the same app.

Control How You Want

Many homeowners like using an app on their phone or tablet to access the home system. But that’s not the only way! For systems like Control4 and Crestron, we can install custom wall keypads with buttons that connect to your speakers and screens. Tap a “Rock” or “Jazz” button on the wall, and music will start playing over your multi-room speakers at your preferred volume level. 

Crestron and Control4 also offer sleek, modern remotes that merge hard buttons and a touch screen for ultimate home control. On the Control4’s Neeo remote (pictured above) or Crestron’s TSR-310 remote, you can swipe and select rooms, choose TV stations, streaming services, or your downloaded library. And if you’re on the go? Control your home AV with your voice! 

Design in Mind 

When we install home AV systems, we also consider how to seamlessly blend equipment into your home’s interior. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers remain completely out of sight while still delivering high-fidelity audio. Automated TV lifts and projector screens can be integrated into the system, too, so showtime starts with the press of a button. 

If you want to show off your audio system, we can also incorporate high-end loudspeakers that make a statement. Audiophile loudspeakers often include impressive cabinets and designs. Let them stand loud and proud—and connect to your integrated home! 


Are you interested in bringing smart control to your home’s audio and video? Definitive Electronics is here to help. Our South Florida team designs and installs smart home systems that provide effortless control. 

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