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A Day in the Life With Home Automation

Work with Our Expert Company, And You’re One Step Away From This Dream

A Day in the Life With Home Automation

Many people spend hours working on some aspect of their Florida home. But what if the opposite could be true - and your home could work for you? Imagine waking up each day to a residence that optimizes your comfort, convenience, and entertainment with every step you take.

With one call to your premier local home automation company - Definitive Electronics - you could watch your Boca Raton or surrounding area abode turn into a luxurious, integrated space. We’ll show you the possibilities by walking you through a day in the life within a smart home, much like many projects we’ve installed before.

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The Morning

It’s time to wake up. Instead of hearing a sharp, repetitive sound from an alarm, you feel gradually increasing warmth and brightness enlivening your room. Your shades rise, letting in just enough light to rouse you from sleep while your discreet in-wall speakers play some music behind you.

You wander into the kitchen for breakfast, and your mirror display shows you the time, news headlines, and your to-do list so you can kickstart your day before you’ve finished your coffee.

Around 9 a.m., you head into your home office. You’re leading the morning Zoom meeting today. You press one button on your backlit keypad - “Work” - and the room transforms to ready itself for your meeting. One more button and you’re not only dialed in, but the lighting’s flattering, your shades are lowered to avoid glare or distraction, and your HD mic and speakers power on.

The Afternoon

The sun gets brightest in the afternoon, boosting your mood and productivity. You take a long lunch and fit in some yoga to rejuvenate. Your media room features a large-screen projector, while your Crestron or Control4 remote pulls up your favorite YouTube yoga instructor in seconds.

Heading out for some food? Tap a button on the smart panel next to your door to arm your whole security system. Plus, you have remote access to view cameras, answer a ringing doorbell via video, or trigger alarms - all from your mobile device.

The Evening

It’s Friday evening and time to wind down. It’s been a long week, so you choose to stay home. Your dedicated listening room and a nice glass of red sounds like the perfect start to the weekend. Encompass yourself with pristine audio emanating from beautiful loudspeakers like the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series floor-standing models, or experience the mystique of speakers that you can hear but not see.

Later, you want to invite some friends over to watch the game. Impress them with weatherproof, high-definition displays that show imagery as clear and robust as what you’d see inside. You also have a pool, so you can move the gathering there and enjoy a movie in your poolside cinema.

Find Your Dream Home Right Where You Are

We are here to help you with all of your smart technology needs and will work with you to find a system and connected devices that fit your lifestyle. Contact us by giving us a call at 561.748.3564 or fill out our online form to get started on your project today. We would love to hear from you!

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