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Today’s Smart Homes Are Cozy, Comfortable, and Healthy

Live Your Best Life & Add Wellness to Your Florida Home

Today’s Smart Homes Are Cozy, Comfortable, and Healthy

When many people hear the term ‘smart home,’ they think of a cold, stark building that looks more like a spaceship than a house. They may imagine tech-obsessed millennials always in front of a screen, with alerts and dings ringing throughout the house. 

In reality, smart homes can look and feel like any atmosphere you desire. We install smart home systems like Control4 and Crestron in every type of home, from Victorian houses to villas and bungalows. Home automation lets you craft the perfect mood for every hour of the day, leading you to feel better overall.

Read on to see how upgrading your Boca Raton, FL home to a ‘smart’ residence can make daily life easier, more relaxing, and ultimately healthier. 

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Automated Lighting Lifts Your Mood 

It’s been proven that light and color have a profound influence on our well-being. For our circadian rhythms to be in sync, we need to live by natural sunlight. Otherwise, we might feel tired, irritable, and stressed. 

When we live most of our days indoors, we may accidentally spend time in rooms that are too dim and warm-lit in the mornings and too bright and cool-toned in the evening. Fortunately, a smart home will automate your LED bulbs to gradually shift color temperature and brightness to replicate the sun’s appearance. Now your lighting will always look ‘just right’! 

Window Shades Made Easy 

Shades and blinds can be a hassle to deal with—especially if you live in an expansive home with vast windows. So, most people either leave them closed or open most of the time. But that’s no good! 

Enter motorized shades. When motorized shades are integrated into your smart home system, you’ll enjoy instant privacy with one tap of a button. Shades can rise automatically in your bedroom according to a schedule, so the sun doesn’t bother you before you’re ready to wake up. Have an awful headache? Lower the blackout shades in one flick of a switch or voice command, and you’ll enjoy a restful nap in a dark room. Brands like Lutron offer a wide variety of fabrics and materials, letting the smart tech blend into your home décor.

A Smart Approach to AC 

Here in the Boca Raton area, air conditioning is as essential as running water. But it can be difficult to manage the AC without wasting electricity. Through your automation system, you can set the AC unit to turn off while you’re away, then turn it on again an hour or so before you return home. You can access the HVAC remotely from your smartphone app, too. That way, you don’t have to leave it on all day, but also won’t return to a stuffy, humid house.

Breathe Cleaner Indoors 

Did you know your home’s air could be swimming with harmful chemical particles, bacteria, viruses, and indoor allergens like dust mites? At the very least, there will be the occasional unpleasant smell, perhaps from pets or the garbage disposal. 

Air purification provides clean, healthy air to your home, and when synced to your smart system, you can control it through the Control4 or Crestron app. Check your air quality monitor, then turn on the purifier if it’s looking poor. You’ll be doing wonders for your family’s health! 

Interested to learn more? If you’re curious about smart home technology in South Florida, contact Definitive Electronics here for a free consultation or to schedule a visit to our showroom. We look forward to hearing from you!

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