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Control4 vs. Crestron: Which System Is Best for Your Smart Home?

We Compare Both Home Controllers to Help You Decide

Control4 vs. Crestron: Which System Is Best for Your Smart Home?

So, you’re interested in home automation. Where to start? There are plenty of products on the market that promise a smart home experience. But in our experience, DIY gadgets can’t hold a candle (or smart bulb) to luxury systems like Crestron and Control4. 

Crestron was founded in 1972 and Control4 in 2003. Both brands were way ahead of the smart home game and have developed high-end systems that integrate lighting, audio, video, security, and more across your house. 

But what all homeowners want to know is: which is best? At Definitive Electronics, we’re both a Control4 and Crestron dealer because we believe both offer high-quality home automation. So in this article, we’ll compare both to help you find the best system for your Jupiter, FL home. 

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Initial Differences 

A Control4 smart home system essentially looks and works the same no matter where it’s installed. If you visit another house with a Control4 system, the interface will look just like yours.

Crestron is a little different. There are two versions of Crestron: Crestron Home and Crestron Custom. Crestron Home is a simpler, standardized version, while Crestron Custom is completely built from scratch by your Crestron dealer. So, let’s compare! 


If you already own loudspeakers, a video doorbell, and a voice assistant, you want them all to work with your smart home controller. Luckily, both Control4 and Crestron are highly compatible with most third-party brands, including Nest, Sonos, Lutron, Alexa, LG,, and many more. 

Control4 natively supports music services including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Deezer. Crestron can support them, too, but it isn’t built into the platform natively. Crestron Custom systems code devices together, so the only performance limitation is the integrated device itself.

User Experience & Interface 

Control4 uses a standard interface across all devices, whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or control panel. There isn’t much room for customizing the organization of your system, but the new OS 3 is eye-catching and modern. 

Alternatively, Crestron Custom offers a fully bespoke system built from scratch. With a custom Crestron system, the interface and interactions are completely personalized. We can change every layout, color, font, or icon. This means that every interaction needs to be programmed by a Crestron dealer. Our team at Definitive Electronics has found what works to create the exact experiences you desire.

Crestron Home is somewhere in the middle between Control4 and Crestron Custom. Crestron Home is a standardized system like Control4 but is a bit more customizable.

Home Size 

Beyond software, a smart home also requires hardware to control and connect all your technology. In general, the larger the home you have, the more equipment you’ll need. A smaller home may only use a few TVs, speakers, and wireless access points, while an estate with fifty rooms will need a larger control system. Crestron was initially created for enterprise solutions, so it’s better for scaling. In larger projects, we typically recommend Crestron. 


If cost is a factor in your decision, Crestron is generally more expensive than other home automation solutions. Crestron Custom will cost more than Crestron Home, and Control4 is the least expensive of the three options. 

The Final Verdict

You can’t go wrong with either Control4 or Crestron. Both are high-tier brands that will be here for the long haul. 

Compared to Crestron, Control4 offers a simpler interface with limited customization. It is also less expensive. So, if you’re satisfied with the basics, Control4 may be the right choice for you. But if you desire a tailored solution, Crestron would be best for your home. 


Ready for home automation? Get in touch with Definitive Electronics and start the discussion to begin your smart home journey with us. 

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