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Controlling Home Entertainment with an Audio-Visual System

Enjoy AV Control in These 3 Areas of the Home

Controlling Home Entertainment with an Audio-Visual System

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s audio-visuals beyond a standard TV and portable Bluetooth speaker? You can create a stunning experience at home with audio-visual systems that let you manage displays, speakers, and media sources from one controller.

Many homeowners don’t realize how a centralized AV system can simplify entertainment in all areas of the house, from the backyard to the home theater. You can pull up streaming services, select devices, and enjoy media instantly through a remote, wall keypad, or from your smartphone and tablet.

To see all that’s possible with a professional audio-visual system, learn about the AV solutions you can bring to your Vero Beach, FL home. 

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Media Room & Home Theater 

In your entertaining area, whether that’s a private cinema or media room, a central smart system will give you complete control over the projector, surround sound speakers, or 4K flatscreen display. You can dare to dream even bigger with a microLED video wall that takes any size and shape you desire. 

A smart control system can also incorporate lighting and shading, so when we create a setting like “Movie Time,” lights dim, and shades close once you turn on the video display. It’s all connected and ready to use, making you more likely to enjoy these spaces! 

Outdoor Areas

We’re in warm, beautiful Florida—why spend all our days and nights indoors? You can incorporate weatherproof speakers and TVs in your home AV system. And outdoor AV can stay mounted outdoors year long—through heat, humidity, rain, or shine. 

Brands like Séura manufacture weather and glare-resistant televisions that display impressive 4K in both the shade and sun. And high-quality outdoor speakers by brands like Sonance deliver the powerful sound required for the outdoors. On the same AV system that you use indoors, select backyard speakers, choose the music, and craft the perfect ambiance for your patio party. 

Whole-House AV 

The “whole house” may not technically be its own room, but why not extend your AV system across your entire property? You can enjoy the same music synced room to room or start a movie in the home theater and continue it in the bedroom. Put your technology on display with eye-catching floor standing speakers—or opt for hidden AV like in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. TVs can descend from ceiling lifts or disguise themselves as artwork or mirrors when not in use. And it can all be controlled from the same AV system! 


Whether you’re ready for a home renovation or are moving into a new house, let Definitive Electronics bring high-quality audio and video to your property. We design and install systems that blend into your home’s interior while delivering the utmost audio and video quality.

Connect with our team here to discuss your home AV project! 

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