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Should You Install a Projector or TV in Your Home Theater System?

4K Projector vs. 4K TV: Which Is Best?

Should You Install a Projector or TV in Your Home Theater System?

If you imagine a classic movie theater, you probably think of a projector high above the seats projecting the latest blockbuster on the big screen. And while many home theater owners use projection systems, according to CE Pro Magazine, 65 percent of people choose to use TVs instead.  

With 4K televisions in larger dimensions than ever, they’re becoming increasingly popular in private theaters. Still, there’s something classic about a projector and screen. Which should you use? 

Ultimately, choosing between a projector or a TV depends on personal preference. But if you’re unsure, we share the pros and cons of each below to help you make the best choice for your Vero Beach, FL home theater system

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Projector Systems 


If you want titanic-sized visuals, a projector is still your best bet for large dimensions, typically up to 80 and even 150 inches. Today’s projectors by brands like Sony are even available in 4K definition. Another plus to projectors and projection screens is their ability to retract and hide when you aren’t using them. Short-throw projectors sit right below your screen, taking up hardly any space. 


Although modern 4K projectors offer stronger visuals than ever, they still lack high-dynamic range (HDR) when compared to TVs. HDR is essential for bright highlights, contrast, and punchy colors. 

Then there’s the issue of fading and washed-out visuals. Projectors are vulnerable to ambient light and won’t look clear during the day. One way to fix this is to install blackout motorized shades on your windows that will easily lower with one press of a button. Ambient Light Rejection screens can help deflect light too, although they will still suffer in bright rooms. 

TV Screens 


Televisions used to be too small to make sense in a home theater. But in recent years, displays have expanded up to 85 and even 100 inches. While that may not be as large as some projector screens, you’ll enjoy stronger HDR and brightness and won’t have to worry about ambient light. 


Even though today’s 4K OLED displays look amazing, they won’t be as large as a projection system. You may also experience glass glare on the TV, and some people find the brightness strains their eyes. 

The Winner Is… 

If size matters most to you, a projector system will be your best bet. Laser projectors and ALR screens are the best solutions to eliminate issues with brightness and contrast. 

But if image quality is your priority, choose a TV screen. And if you have a larger budget, you can still achieve great dimensions, like Sony’s 100-inch model or modular LED panels. No matter which method you choose, there are high-end manufacturers of both projectors and TVs to perfectly fit your home theater.  

If you’re interested in a home theater installation in the Vero Beach area, Definitive Electronics is your destination. We design and install luxury home theaters for the ultimate cinematic experience. 

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