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The Difference Between Low-End and High-End Audio

What Makes Some Speaker Brands Superior?

The Difference Between Low-End and High-End Audio

We all know that certain speakers are worth more than others and are considered better quality. But why is that? What makes a high-end speaker? 

The difference is something anyone can decipher by listening and comparing. High-end audio is built to produce a more detailed and dynamic sound. The quality of a speaker’s materials and assembly influences how close a piece of equipment can accurately reproduce an audio signal. 

That means whether you’re in the home theater or listening room, you’ll be fully immersed in the audio when you own high-end speakers. Below, we’ll share what makes premier speakers stand out and which brands to trust for your home in the West Palm Beach, FL area. 

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What’s Inside a High-End Speaker? 

The best audio plays low, mid, and high range frequencies evenly, so you hear everything from low bass notes to plucked guitar strings and background vocals. To play a range of sounds, speakers require elements called drivers. The largest driver, a subwoofer, plays the lowest bass sounds. Mid-range drivers play mid-range frequencies, while tweeters and super tweeters play the high and highest frequencies. 

Floor-standing loudspeakers by high-end brands are large enough to include all of the drivers necessary to create every sound. But when you’re working with smaller retail speakers, they just can’t play everything necessary. They’ll compress and distort audio, causing you to miss some of the music’s dimensions and details. 

Audio Brands That Deliver

Several high-end manufacturers build tremendous speakers. But here are two of our favorites at Definitive Electronics in South Florida.


Founded in 1974, Wilson speakers are hand-crafted and manufactured today in Provo, Utah, producing futuristic and eye-catching designs. Speaker models include The Yvette, Alexx V, and their most popular, SabrinaX. Each offers a slightly different high-fidelity audio experience. The Yvette’s sleek Apple-esque design is available in a range of colors, from earth tones to bright reds, yellows, and blues. You’ll hear music richer than ever before—and may even find some goosebumps on your arms! 


Meridian is Great Britain’s audio pioneer, offering floor-standing and bookshelf speakers that create powerful sounds. Its speakers include Horizon, an upmixing technology that can split stereo content into multichannel audio, perfect for home theaters. Meridian’s Q-Sync buffering system also reduces jitter and ensures accurate timing.

How a Professional Can Help 

Installing high-end audio requires special care and attention. When first assembled on your own, your speakers may not sound as perfect as you expected. But after methodically moving speakers, listening, and switching channels and phases, we can ensure you’ll hear jaw-dropping audio on your high-end speakers.

Find a Wilson Audio & Meridian Dealer in Palm Beach 

If you’d like to bring high-fidelity speakers to your Florida home, Definitive Electronics is your destination. You can hear the magic of audio in our South Florida showroom and compare models yourself. Connect with us here to make your appointment today. 

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