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Custom Scenes to Try in Your Smart Home

Save the Perfect Settings for Everyday Life

Custom Scenes to Try in Your Smart Home

If you’re new to smart home automation, you probably know that you can turn on the entire house’s lights from your smartphone or tell your voice assistant to adjust the temperature. But the true magic lies in the ability to control many devices at once, set to your exact preferences, and saved in ‘scenes.’

Scenes can be activated anytime by either tapping one on your smart system app, a button on your wall keypad or asking your voice assistant. What can a scene do? Below, we share a few of our favorite scene ideas to try with your smart home system in Palm Beach, FL. If you find one useful, you can relive it over and over, anytime!

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Good Morning

You’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed when your house automatically kicks off your morning routine. We can program a custom “Good Morning” scene that raises motorized blinds to let the sunshine in, peacefully waking you. A mellow music station can play softly over multi-room speakers while your thermostat cools each room to a comfortable temperature. Hallway and kitchen lights can gradually turn on to a cool blue-white color, making you feel more alert. Even the coffee pot can automatically start brewing with the smell of java wafting through the house.

Leaving the House

Wouldn’t it be convenient to grab your keys, tap “Away” on the wall, and your entire house powers off and locks up instantly? Window shades lower, lights turn off, doors lock, and the thermostats will power down to save energy. If it’s nighttime, select landscape lights can remain on, so you still feel comfortable exiting and reentering your home.


It can be difficult to muster up the motivation to exercise. But a preset “Workout” scene will push you to grab the dumbbell or step on the treadmill. Tap the scene on your keypad or touch screen, and in an instant, an upbeat workout playlist can play overhead while lights shift to fun colors and the AC blasts. And once you’re done, turn it off just as quickly!

On Vacation

It’s common to feel lingering anxiety about the house when you’re away. You might wonder: Are the pets okay? Did I turn off the stove? Luckily, a smart home scene like “Vacation” can schedule your indoor and exterior lights to flicker on and off sporadically, as if someone is home. Virtual tripwires will turn on, so if anyone walks past a certain point on your property, you’ll be notified instantly. And you can always remotely check on your home through smart cameras on your system’s app.

Dinner Time

Sit down with a delicious meal, a bottle of wine, and ‘mood lighting’ that transforms your dining room into a five-star restaurant. Tap a “Dinner” scene and enjoy dim, warm lighting, an atmospheric playlist over the sound system, and drapes that slowly close.

Good Night

If you’re dressed for bed and already cozy under the covers, you can shut down the house right from your phone or schedule a “Good Night” scene to activate every night. Lights will turn off, shades close, all doors lock, and the thermostats set to an energy-saving mode. Need to get up in the middle of the night? Turn on necessary lights from your bedside tablet or let motion sensors brighten the hallway for you.

Living with a smart home system unleashes endless possibilities. If you’d like to learn more for your Palm Beach house, contact Definitive Electronics to learn more. We design, install, and program completely integrated smart homes across South Florida. We look forward to working with you!

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