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Architects, ‘Wow’ Your Clients with These Custom Home Theater Ideas

Bring Jaw-Dropping Results to Home Cinemas & Media Rooms

Architects, ‘Wow’ Your Clients with These Custom Home Theater Ideas

So, your client wants a home theater. What’s your plan? 

You’ll need a space that’s large enough to accommodate a 120-inch screen and a few rows of seating. And you’ll probably include the standard number of outlets and lights as you would in any living room space. But what if you could take the project a step further? 

With the right planning and by partnering with an AV integrator, you’ll build custom home theaters that leave your clients speechless—in the best way! And in the future, if homeowners are looking for an architect in the Jupiter, FL area, when they see a stunning custom home theater in your portfolio, they’ll know you’re the one to trust. 

Home theaters are much more than simply hooking up a projector and screen. Read on to see how you can amplify your custom projects with more home theater expertise. 

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In-Wall Speakers 

To build an immersive soundscape that transports viewers into new worlds, you’re going to need a lot of speakers. Surround sound systems usually start at five speakers with a subwoofer, but they can grow as large as nine, ten, or even thirteen speakers when Dolby Atmos is added into the mix. 

But for a cleaner, more minimalistic appearance, hidden in-wall speakers create a smooth surface with less bulky technology. To plan for where in-wall and in-ceiling speakers should go, consult your AV integrator for guidance. After all, every speaker in a surround sound system has a specific role and requires precise placement for the best audio results.

Hidden Screens & Projector 

Want even more minimalism? Like speakers, a theater’s screens, TVs, and projector can retract into the floor or ceiling with an automated lift. After pressing a button on a smart system remote or app, homeowners can put the screen away when not in use or tell their display to rise out of the floor. Before walls and floors are finished over, consider whether hidden AV should be a part of your project.

Smart Lighting Control 

Lighting is everything in design, and a home theater’s lighting needs as much attention as other areas of the house. A smart lighting system that syncs light fixtures and motorized shades simplifies control while revealing new possibilities. If there are windows in the theater or media room, a quick tap of a button can close blackout shades instantly. A “Movie Time” scene on the smart system automatically dims the ceiling lights while turning on small pathway lamps.

Your clients can set the scene in seconds, and even customize the color and brightness of each light from their system’s app. And for the most breathtaking experience, incorporate a starry night ceiling that adds magic to every movie showing. 

If you’re looking for a technology contractor to help with home theaters and smart home systems, look no further than Definitive Electronics. We’re a custom AV integrator that services high-end residential settings in South Florida. Contact us here to get started today! 

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