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How Smart Window Treatments Save Time & Energy for Your Florida Home

Motorized Shades Rise & Lower Exactly When You Need Them

How Smart Window Treatments Save Time & Energy for Your Florida Home

Air conditioning is a marvelous invention, but it’s costly to use all the time. Here in Vero Beach, FL, we have to find creative ways to stay cool most of the year without running the AC on high 24/7.

What did people do before air conditioning existed? Believe it or not, blinds, drapes, and shades can go a long way to keep rooms cool when the sun is at its hottest. You might still need to turn on the AC unit while home, but you can keep it at a higher temperature when the shades are drawn.

And today, smart window treatments make it convenient and effortless to cool your house. Smart blinds may sound like a futuristic gadget, but with silent motors, stylish fabrics, and seamless smart home integration, you’ll hardly notice the technology—only the benefits!

Read on to learn more about intelligent window treatments from brands like Lutron and Crestron and how they can help your Florida home stay chilled with less energy.

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How to Install Motorized Shades

Lutron offers both wired and wireless motorized shades. Wireless shades will run on battery power, which can be handy but inconvenient to replace every few years. Wired motorized shades are more reliable, but you will need to find a discreet way to hide wires. Adding wired window treatments during early phases of new home construction or remodeling projects is ideal.

From there, a smart home integrator can sync all your shades into one control system, like Lutron or Crestron. That means you can activate entire rooms or the whole house at once, just by tapping a button on your phone, tablet, or wall keypad. If you use a voice assistant, tell Alexa or Google to lower the shades, and it will!

Customize When Shades Activate

Want your blinds to rise automatically in the morning, then lower when you leave for work? With a smart lighting system like Lutron or a whole-home controller like Crestron, we can program your shades to follow a schedule each day.

And by integrating heat sensors in the system, high temperatures will trigger your blinds to lower on their own. Then, once the room has cooled down, the shades can rise again. Blocking harsh UV rays can also help protect your home’s artwork and furniture from fading.

Save Energy Instantly

By automatically cooling your rooms, you’re free to keep your AC at a higher temperature or leave it off altogether when you’re away from home. Smart shades can be activated remotely, too, so you can lower the shades even when you’re miles away. When you save energy, you can feel good about lowering monthly utility bills while helping the planet.

If you’re curious about smart window treatments, Definitive Electronics provides home automation services to Vero Beach, FL, and the surrounding area. Contact us here to get started on your home’s smart new addition today!

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