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5 Handy Ways to Use Home Lighting Automation

See Your Florida Home in an All-New Light

5 Handy Ways to Use Home Lighting Automation

Off-the-shelf smart bulbs are fun devices to play with at home—but they aren’t a practical solution to illuminate your entire house. Why not? For one thing, these bulbs rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for you to control and automate. And everyone knows how unreliable and finicky both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be. 

Additionally, plug-and-play bulbs aren’t sophisticated enough to sync rooms and control the entire house simultaneously. For that kind of experience (and yes, it’s possible!), you’ll need a home lighting automation system.

Controllers by manufacturers like LutronControl4, and Crestron let you group lights and shades into rooms and create custom settings that influence the brightness and color of your lights. With lighting automation, actions occur automatically, so you won’t even have to lift a finger. And when your system is wired by a professional, you aren’t at Bluetooth’s mercy, hoping it will work. You can even automate the lights when you aren’t home!

Read on to see how a lighting automation system will do wonders for your home in the Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL area! 

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1. Lights On to Welcome You Home 

What if as you drove into your driveway, landscape lights, entryway lights, and even first-floor lights turned on automatically? You’ll never return to a dark, eerie house again with automated lighting that, once triggered by motion in specific areas, will turn lights on for the evening. 

2. Perfect Lighting for Day & Night 

Many new phones and computers include a “Night Mode” feature that removes blue light and makes your screen appear comfortably warm. The same idea can apply to your home’s lighting! During the day, your smart system will automatically set LED lights to a bright, cool white and open motorized shades. As the day goes on, lights can automatically warm and soften, and by nightfall, your lights will appear golden, and shades will close. 

3. “Mockupancy” for Home Security 

Do you worry about leaving your house dark and vacant when you travel? You can create an automated “Mockupancy” scene when you leave for vacation or business that makes it look like someone is home. Throughout the day, lights and motorized shades will haphazardly activate, making your house much less of a target for burglary. 

4. Power Off to Leave the House 

 Heading out in a hurry? You can schedule all your lights to turn off at a specified time—say, 8:30 a.m. if you’re usually out the door by eight. The lights can be programmed to turn on again later for your return, saving energy and time. 

5. Set the Scene for Movie Time 

If you’re settling down in the living room or home theater for a movie, we can even sync your lights to the AV system so that once you turn on the TV, lights will automatically dim to your preferred level, and shades will close. Then you’re ready for showtime! 


Are you interested in a whole-home lighting system in the Jupiter, Florida area? Definitive Electronics designs and installs automated systems customized to your specific needs. Contact us here to get started today! 

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