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Why DIY Smart Homes Fall Short

Disjointed Devices Are Unreliable & Complicated to Use. Here’s How a Professionally Installed System Makes a Difference

Why DIY Smart Homes Fall Short

We’re a home automation company. Yet when we hear people complain that smart homes are “overrated” or “don’t work” (like this article in Gizmodo), we take no offense. Why not? 

Because we know that these smart homes were not professionally installed with the best control systems. They're DIY smart homes, relying on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and “20 different apps” to control it all. If you only use off-the-shelf smart gadgets from Amazon or Best Buy, it’s no surprise that you’ll run into trouble!  

For a real smart home experience, you need to partner with a home automation company (like our team in Palm Beach, FL) that can seamlessly wire and program your entire house’s technology. Here’s why a professional smart system makes all the difference. 

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A Professional Knows What They’re Doing  

For a smart home system to run flawlessly, you need to know the best products and installation methods. This kind of knowledge is only acquired through trial-and-error experimentation and extensive research. If you’ve never installed a smart home system before, it’s very difficult to get it right the first time. We trust professionals for a reason, whether we’re purchasing a wedding cake or a new haircut. They know how to do the job better than anyone, and the same applies to home automation. 

Smart Homes Need a Strong Foundation 

People end up with 20 different smart home apps because they never built a foundation for their smart home. An automated home needs a strong network, a structured equipment rack, power management, and wiring to connect lighting, audio, video, security, and more to the control system. In a large, luxury home, DIY Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setups are not strong enough to support a complex smart system. We’d argue that wiring and a strong foundation are more important than your electronics. 

Professionals Use Better Equipment 

DIY smart homes often lack the highest caliber hardware, which can lead to a jumbled confusion of controls. Most off-the-shelf products, like video doorbells and smart thermostats, can’t work together and require you to switch between apps or remotes. You should never rely solely on your phone to control your house system, and all your devices should work in unison. 

Goodbye to 20 Apps. It’s All in One System  

At our home automation company, we only install the best-of-the-best control systems, including Crestron, Control4, and Lutron for lighting. Third-party smart lights, shades, security cameras, alarms, speakers, screens, and more can be integrated into the same system, and will respond immediately to your every command. You won’t run into connectivity issues or delays. When you trust the pros, a smart home works just as it should. 

If you’re ready to experience the luxury and convenience of home automation in your Palm Beach house, Definitive Electronics is here to help. We design and install custom systems to suit your unique home and lifestyle. Contact us here or send us a message below to get started today!

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