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The Benefits of a Motorized Shading System for Your Home

Motorized Shades Offer Security, Beauty, Convenience, and Reduced Energy Usage

The Benefits of a Motorized Shading System for Your Home

Today’s smart homes are evolving quickly, with home automation platforms controlling everything from lighting, climate, entertainment, pools and spas, security systems, door locks, and more. While these connected systems offer incredible convenience, beauty, and enjoyment, one of our clients’ favorite systems is motorized shades

These smart window coverings create the ideal environment while offering precision control of privacy and daylight. In addition, they reduce energy usage, protect our home’s interiors, and bring beauty and elegance to our surroundings. 

Let’s explore the benefits of a motorized shading system for your home in the Stuart, FL, area.

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Regulate Room Temperature & Reduce Energy Consumption

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-efficient window coverings are one of the most effective means for reducing energy usage, providing comfort, and regulating temperatures. Unfortunately, they also found that 75% of window coverings remain in the same positions every day. We get busy, closing our shades when the sunlight starts causing a glare, and then leave them in that position for the remainder of the day.

Smart shades take care of that inconvenience for us. They automatically rise and lower throughout the day based on the sun's position and the room's temperature. They lower as a room heats up, blocking solar heat gain and reducing cooling costs. Homeowners can increase their energy efficiency even more with motorized honeycomb cellular shades, which can reduce solar heat through windows by up to 60%.

These shade solutions also offer one-touch control, enabling you to raise or lower them with the press of an in-wall keypad, mobile device, or touchscreen. When it’s time for bed, press the “Good Night” button, and every shade lowers throughout your home while the lights dim and the doors lock.

They also come in nearly limitless styles and materials, ensuring the perfect solution for your home’s design.

Let Your Shades Enhance Security When You’re at Home & Away

Our certified technicians take the time to get to know your lifestyle and preferred routine. For example, many clients want their shades to lower when darkness falls for protection and privacy. Others want their shades facing the backyard to rise, revealing their beautiful landscape lighting.

We’ll also program an “Away” button that you can press when leaving for the day or an extended vacation or business trip. Your shades and lighting respond by automatically raising, lowering, and turning on and off randomly throughout the day, just as if you were home. Called presence simulation, this pattern creates the appearance that your home is occupied, an important step in home security and recommended by police departments. 

At Definitive Electronics, we design and install customized motorized shade solutions for homeowners throughout South Florida. Our solutions are designed specifically for each client, helping them achieve the best options for their unique needs. To learn more about the many possibilities in today’s smart window coverings or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Definitive Electronics today. 

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