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When Will You Use Motorized Shades? At Least 6 Times a Day!

Discover the Convenience Motorized Window Shades Bring to Daily Life

When Will You Use Motorized Shades? At Least 6 Times a Day!

When many people hear the term ‘smart home,’ they think of The Jetsons or the ‘90s movie Smart House. They may imagine gadgets and gizmos and a computer that takes over.

In reality, smart homes are much less dramatic—but much more luxurious—than science fiction depicts. Today, luxury homeowners across Vero Beach and Palm Beach live with smart systems that blend seamlessly into their house. You may not even realize someone owns a ‘smart home’ until you notice their window shades lowering on their own.

Motorized window shades are an essential element to smart homes, thanks to their many lifestyle benefits. Yet some people still ask us: are motorized shades really necessary? After all, you’ve lived your entire life with manual shades. Why switch now?

Below, we share six times a day you can imagine using smart shades in your Florida home.

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1. Good Morning, Sunshine

Say goodbye to your panic-inducing alarm clock and wake up with natural sunlight instead. You can program your smart shades to automatically rise at your preferred wake-up time each morning.  Or you can tap your phone app while you’re still resting in bed, letting the morning sun in.

2. Block UV Rays & Keep Rooms Cool

Did you know you can also use motorized shades to prevent artwork, photos, and furniture from fading—all while saving energy, too? We can integrate light sensors to trigger shades to lower when the sun directly hits your windows. That way, you’ll keep excess heat out and rely less on the AC while you preserve colors from fading.

3. Afternoon in the Office

It’s a proven fact that natural light boosts energy and mood, so press a button on the wall and let the shades rise! But when it’s mid-afternoon, and the sun is striking your face during a Zoom call, you can just as quickly lower the shades. Light filtering shades will reduce harsh light while still providing an outdoor view.

4. Create an Immersive Home Theater

You need complete darkness to immerse yourself in the home theater, living room, or media room for movie time. Many projector screens look faded with too much ambient light, and at night, the screen will reflect off windows. Lower blackout shades to feel like you’re really in the theater, whether it’s bright or dark outside.  

5. Private Outfit Change

No one wants the neighbors or even their own family to catch a glimpse of them dressing in the window. But repeatedly raising and lowering shades can be such a hassle! Motorized drapes and shades make it simple to quickly create privacy then enjoy the view again.  

6. Time for Bed

When you’re yawning and ready to hit the pillow, you can grant the entire house privacy through one command. Tap “Goodnight” on your home system app or wall keypad, and every window covering will close right away.

Find Custom Motorized Shades in Vero Beach, FL  

If you’re interested in motorized window shades and how they can brighten (or darken) your Florida home, reach out to Definitive Electronics! We design and install home technology solutions with brands including Lutron, Crestron, and Control4.

We look forward to working with you!

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