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Have You Taken Your Home’s Lighting Temperature?

A Smart Lighting System Leads to Better Health and Overall Wellness at Home 

Have You Taken Your Home’s Lighting Temperature?

Vero Beach and the surrounding areas are all about beautiful beaches, endless sunlight, and luxury living. At Definitive Electronics, we design and install the perfect smart home lighting system for each of our clients, making every light in their Florida homes feel as much a part of paradise as possible. 

From lighting control and automation to sleek fixtures and smart dimmers, an effective system enhances any space in your home. But did you know a professional can also design, program, and automate your lights to bring proven health benefits to you and your loved ones?

Here are three ways a smart lighting system leads to better health and overall wellness for everyone in your house. 

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24/7 Wellness Automation 

Circadian rhythms are processes in our bodies that respond to natural light conditions. The color, temperature, and brightness levels of light play roles in how alert or tired we feel throughout the day. 

Companies like Lutron design human-centric lighting to mimic sunlight’s intensity and hues, allowing users to adjust the color and temperature of individual lights at home. So, to some degree, you can complement or even manipulate your body’s natural rhythm based on your needs. 

Ketra by Lutron offers tunable lights, control panels, and smart dimmers to customize lighting scenes for optimal wellness in any room. Depending on the time of day, color and temperature settings can even be programmed and automated to bring you health benefits. 

Light Temperature Control 

Lights play a critical role in interior design, but how exactly does a smart lighting system translate to better health? Blood pressure and stress levels - even cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength - are affected to some extent by lighting conditions. 

For instance, cool white light temperatures lead to increases in appetite, cognitive function, and heart rate. This makes them ideal for a home office or workshop, where you must stay focused and productive. Warm amber temperatures, on the other hand, lead to a decrease in hormone levels and heart rate, both of which contribute to better rest and faster healing.

Considering the impact of tunable lights on our health, why not automate lights to change throughout the day for optimal lighting in any room and for any purpose?  

Inside and Out

But why limit yourself to indoor spaces when smart lights could transform your backyard into a magical, relaxing experience or the perfect party spot, depending on the time, day, and mood. Brands like Coastal Source offer industry-leading outdoor lighting solutions, which we carry and often install for our clients. Best of all, you can control your outdoor lights completely with a smart home system. Simply touch an icon to adjust any setting or preprogram a scene for different outdoor events. 

If you want to transform your home with a smart lighting system, why not ask the local experts for help? We look forward to hearing from you! 

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