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So Long, Headphones. It’s Time for Multi-Room Audio 

How to Get Started with Whole-Home Music

So Long, Headphones. It’s Time for Multi-Room Audio 

If you’re a music lover, multi-room audio makes music an even more integral part of daily life. It means you no longer need to crank the volume on your speaker to hear it across the house. Nor do you need to keep headphones on while you’re trying to soundtrack your day. 

A whole-home sound system connects a series of speakers to play in unison, letting you select rooms and media right from your phone. Read on to learn how multi-room sound works and how it will bring joy to your Boca Raton, FL home. 

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How Do I Build Whole-Home Audio?

There are several ways to play audio across multiple rooms and floors. One approach is to use a multi-source receiver or control system to send signals to amplifiers. From there, you can alternate between audio sources, whether you’re tuning into a podcast, playlist, radio, or even TV audio. 

Another method is to send AV signals over home network cabling, like CAT-5 and CAT-6, that may be already installed in your house. This will save lots of work and time, as you won’t have to run new wires. 

Wireless speaker systems are a third option, which will connect rooms over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a mesh network. Wireless is generally less reliable, especially over far distances, but can be a fine solution in smaller spaces. 

How Can I Control Multi-Room Audio? 

With a smart system like Crestron or Control4, you’re never limited to just one control method. If it’s most convenient, pick up your phone or tablet to change the song or lower the volume. Or you can tell your voice assistant to play your favorite station. We can even program wall keypads to connect to whole-home audio. Pressing a button labeled ‘Jazz’ will instantly fill the house with bass, saxophone, and piano. 

Streaming isn’t your only option, either. You can play records on the turntable and enjoy the music throughout the house. Still own a CD collection? Listen to high-quality CD audio on your whole-home system. 

What Kind of Speakers Can I Use?

If you’re building a wired system or using a smart home controller, it doesn’t matter which speaker brands you prefer. You can mix high-end loudspeakers with bookshelf models, and even connect to outdoor audio like Coastal Source. Plus, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers will play high-fidelity sound without any technology in sight. 


Are you ready to spread music across your Florida home? Definitive Electronics is your destination! We install whole-home audio systems that are sophisticated and easy to use. Contact us here to get started today!

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