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3 Ways to Use Smart Lighting for the Summer Season

Make Your Home Safer, More Comfortable, and More Efficient

3 Ways to Use Smart Lighting for the Summer Season

Summer in Boca Raton may not be much different than the rest of the year, but it's likely the reason you like it here. The warm Florida beaches beckon in the hotter months, and it might be a great time to escape to cooler environs too.

Regardless of how you spend your summer in Boca, you can take advantage of one of the most popular home automation features – smart lighting – to make summer better. Read on to learn about three ways you can use smart lighting to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient

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Energy Efficiency

The Florida summer heat and humidity can be fierce. You know how hard your air conditioning system works in the hottest season. But you can use smart lighting to save energy and increase comfort. Lighting generates heat, and smart lighting can turn off lights when not needed. You can use schedules or occupancy sensors to manage lights in a space when not needed. Even if you have cooler running LED lights, turning off unneeded lighting is still a smart move as electricity prices move upward. 


Smart lighting is more than just artificial lighting. Take advantage of Florida’s abundant sunshine while also keeping the heat in check. Smart lighting can coordinate with motorized shading to balance natural and artificial light during the day, creating the ideal ambiance indoors. 

Many Florida homes keep window shades closed to keep heat out, but automated shades can be open when it's cooler and closed when the sun is hottest. Combine that with automated lighting, and your house will always have the right level of illumination for comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency. If you want to change things, one tap of a button on a wall control or an app can create a different atmosphere through your smart shades and lighting. 


Like most people, you likely travel in summer. While you're gone, you want your home to stay safe and not be a target for potential burglary or vandalism. Lighting is one way to make a house look occupied, but you don't want to leave lights on for weeks; it's a giveaway, just like a dark house. Smart lighting control can turn lights on and off in natural-looking patterns to give your property that lived-in look. Anyone watching your home will be kept guessing, and your home won’t call attention to itself by going dark or all lit up. 


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