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Sit Back & Feel the Music: Why High-End Audio Is Worth It

The Transformative Experience of Hi-Fi Speakers

Sit Back & Feel the Music: Why High-End Audio Is Worth It

Even in a world of wireless AirPods and portable speakers, nothing can compare to high-end audio. So whether you’re an aspiring audiophile or you simply want to upgrade your music experience, it’s time to hear your favorite records on a pair of high-quality speakers. 

If you’ve never listened to audio through high-end speakers (sorry, Bose doesn’t count), let’s make that happen. You can visit our showroom near Vero Beach, FL, to listen and witness the magic of luxury speakers for yourself. But until then, learn what makes hi-fi audio worth it below. 

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What It Sounds Like 

It’s difficult to explain sound through writing, but we’ll try. With high-end speakers, music and TV audio will sound rich. Robust. Immersive. If you close your eyes, you might think Norah Jones really is performing in your living room. Low-end speakers are a pre-packaged cookie; high-end speakers are a velvety, warm chocolate dessert. 

Why High-End Is Worth It 

What makes high-end speakers impressive is their ability to accurately replicate low, mid, and high-range sound frequencies. On lower-grade equipment, you might experience very little bass, for example. Or on the flip side, the bass may be overpowering, and high-range musical details are completely lost. 

When you listen to a song for the first time on your high-end speakers, you should think, “I never noticed that part before!” Suddenly, everything is uncovered and clear like a performance is happening in your home. 

Equipment You’ll Need 

A stereo setup requires two speakers for left and right channels and a receiver to send signals and power to the speakers. This can all be assembled together on a table or stand, perhaps with a record or CD player connected to the receiver. 

If you’d like to expand into a surround sound or multi-room system, we’ll wire speakers to a multi-source or multi-zone receiver.  

Types of Speakers 

Floorstanding loudspeakers are tall, stately pieces of equipment that house large drivers to deliver the most powerful sound. Those large drivers are responsible for creating deep, rich bass notes that are hard to replicate in smaller speakers. 

Do you want something a little more compact but still high-end? Consider bookshelf speakers from brands like Meridian and Dynaudio. You can place bookshelf speakers on a table, shelf, a stand, and yes, a bookshelf. 

Need extra bass? Add a subwoofer to the system. And if you’re a minimalist at heart, brands like James Loudspeaker manufacture high-quality architectural speakers that are installed within your home’s walls and ceilings. 

High-End Audio in South Florida 

Are you ready to experience high-fidelity audio for yourself? Contact Definitive Electronics to make an appointment at our showroom, and you’ll hear the difference in person. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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