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Shine the Perfect Light on All Your Outdoor Spaces

From Security to Aesthetics, Landscape Lighting Optimizes the Exterior of Your Smart Home 

Shine the Perfect Light on All Your Outdoor Spaces

Vero Beach, FL, might as well be paradise on earth, and it makes sense to spend most of your time outdoors. So, why settle for a boring, uneventful backyard when you could hire the experts at Definitive Electronics to design and install your new landscape lighting system? 

Read on to learn how professionally installed outdoor lights will make your backyard more beautiful, efficient, and secure. 

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An Impressive Outdoor Space, Party or Not

Among the benefits of a smart home is the beautifully lit, automated outdoors surrounding it, but not every space in your backyard is the same. To craft the perfect atmosphere, we must install each light and speaker with your unique needs in mind. Whether it is just you, a group of family and close friends, or the holiday neighborhood party, one tap will be all it takes to set the mood for any occasion! 

Lights and Speakers for Every Outdoor Space

Coastal Source is one of our trusted brand partners and the leading designer of outdoor lights and speakers. So, how could we go about installing their products to create the ultimate outdoor experience? 

First, we might use Flex Bullet directional uplights, strategically placing them across the yard to illuminate trees and other predominant features. We might then set the ambiance with a network of niche LED lights, choosing from six different trim styles and several finishes to match the existing decor. Finally, paths and meeting spaces across the yard could be enhanced with flex path lights, each one featuring a 55-degree lens for an optimal light spread. 

To keep the elements at bay, all of Coastal Source’s products come in a weather-resistant, solid brass enclosure, including their extensive line of speakers. We could, of course, install those for you as well!

Welcome Who You Love, Keep Out Who You Don’t 

The added benefits of integration include features that most of us may not immediately associate with landscape lighting. To better understand why, let’s look at what we can achieve by integrating outdoor lights and motorized shades with surveillance cameras. 

Imagine you are away from home and get a notification on your phone. Upon checking, you can see a stranger approaching the front door through the video doorbell. Instead of worrying too much about it, you tap on the “security scene” we previously programmed for you, immediately turning the front yard lights on, rolling up the porch shades, and deterring the intruder from coming any closer! 

From making the neighbors jealous to securing your home, landscape lights could be yours to customize and manage with a tap of your screen. All you need to do is contact us so we can learn more about you and your smart home and explore how best to enhance your existing outdoor spaces!