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How to Use a Lighting Control System for Safety, Efficiency, and Aesthetics

Customize Your Lighting for Any Purpose with Just a Tap

How to Use a Lighting Control System for Safety, Efficiency, and Aesthetics

Lighting control systems are one of the most popular features Florida homeowners want in their homes. The biggest benefit of lighting control is the ability to control many lights with one button, a schedule, or even a voice command. That ease of control is not only convenient, but it also brings other benefits in efficiency, aesthetics, and safety. 

Keep reading below to explore how a lighting control system changes your relationship with lighting at your home in Stuart or the surrounding area. 

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Lighting Scenes

The not-so-secret weapon of lighting control is the ability to create custom scenes. A scene can set an entire set of lights – in one room or across the house – to precise settings for any purpose or occasion. For example, you might want all your lights shining brightly in the kitchen for cooking a meal and then another scene with warmly dimmed lights for a relaxing dinner. If all your house lighting is managed under lighting control, your creativity is the only limit to what you can do. 

Some Lighting Scenes for Efficiency, Security, and Fun

To give you an idea of what you can do with lighting control, here are some scenes you could have in your home that make lighting easy and work for you.

Outside Lights – this scene is hands-off; your outside lights turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. Because it's intelligently automated, you won't have to adjust for the season. How easy is that? Not to mention efficient. 

Safety Lights – Did a loud noise in the middle of the night startle you? For safety, you could light up your entire house, inside and out, with one button or a voice command. You could scare a potential intruder or perhaps the critter that turned over a planter on the patio. 

Emergency – While you may not want this one to ever be triggered, it could be there for you when you need it. If your smoke alarm goes off in the night, your lighting control system can immediately light a path to the nearest outside doors from bedrooms for a quick escape, as well as flash outside lights for first responders to instantly spot your house. 

Entertain – Having a party that will flow indoors and then out on a beautiful Treasure Coast evening? Your “entertain” scene sets the mood and tone. Inside living areas are dimmed to a warm glow, outside lights show off your pool, patio, and landscape, and hallways light a path to the powder room inside. If you have Lutron tunable lighting, you can even add color into the mix for an even more exotic ambiance. Of course, it’s all done with just a tap on an elegant wall keypad, your touchscreen home automation controller, or even an app on your smartphone. 


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