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How to Get High-End Audio for Vinyl

Make the Most of Your Record Collection & Get the Best Sound

How to Get High-End Audio for Vinyl

Is it true that vinyl sounds better than any other music format? While audiophiles debate the superiority of records, CDs, or lossless audio files, there’s no denying the warmth and charm of vinyl. And when you own a high-end turntable system, you’ll certainly hear music unlike ever before. 


While all-in-one record players are alluring for their convenience and lower price points, a separate turntable system will always provide superior sound quality. If you’re interested in building a high-end audio system with vinyl but aren’t sure where to start, let us be your guide. 


We help music lovers in West Palm Beach and South Florida create audio systems to last a lifetime. Here’s what you’ll need to build a high-end turntable setup—and what makes audio equipment “high-end” in the first place. 

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Essential Components of a Turntable System

There isn’t one part of the turntable system that’s more important than another. Each piece plays a pivotal role in delivering the rich, true-to-life sound that vinyl records offer. Here’s what you need to build a high-end turntable system. 

  1. Amplifier: The Powerhouse

Music can’t travel from the turntable to the speakers alone; the amplifier is the essential middleman. It amplifies weak electrical signals to the speakers and also serves as the system’s control center. The amplifier is where you’ll choose inputs, adjust the volume, and control other features. 

  1. Turntable: The Heart of Sound

At the center of it all is the turntable, where you’ll place your vinyl records and press ‘play.’ The cartridge's stylus, or needle, creates vibrations in the record’s grooves, which are transformed into an electrical signal. That’s how the music is made! 

  1. Phono Stage: Elevating Every Note

The phono stage, also known as the phono preamp, amplifies a turntable’s electrical signals to the amplifier. The electrical signals created by the turntable cartridge are incredibly weak, so it needs a boost before reaching the amplifier and speakers. 

Some turntables are built with an internal phono stage, but if you want the best audio quality, use a standalone unit. A high-end phono stage will balance bass and treble for a superior listening experience. 

  1. High-End Speakers: Bringing the Melody to Life 

Finally, the melody comes to life through high-end speakers. We recommend using two speakers to create a stereo left/right listening experience. Most music is recorded in stereo, so you’ll hear it just as the musicians intended. 

What Makes a Quality Speaker? 

What sets high-end speakers apart from the ordinary? High-fidelity speakers feature large drivers for more power and are built with sturdier materials than low-end speakers. The best speakers can play low, mid, and high-range sound frequencies evenly, so you’ll hear every audio detail. 

How to Choose a High-End Turntable

If you want to achieve audiophile-worthy sound, opt for a wired turntable rather than a wireless or Bluetooth device. Wireless turntables lose a significant amount of sound details—negating the purpose of using vinyl in the first place! 

High-end turntables include durable, quality materials in everything from the stylus to the platter the record spins on. A heavier turntable with a durable motor will absorb more vibrations, resulting in a cleaner sound. Each little component can affect the music quality—ask us about our turntable recommendations! 

High-End Audio in South Florida 

While it can be intimidating to assemble a turntable system, our staff at Definitive Electronics is here to help. We can assist in choosing each component and assemble the system for you, so all you need to do is place the record down and enjoy! 

Contact us here to learn more about our high-end audio solutions today.

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