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Definitive Times: Home Theatres for the New Live Concert Experience

Creating Inclusive Environments for Exclusive Streaming Technology

Definitive Times: Home Theatres for the New Live Concert Experience

As many of our favorite pre-Covid activities: music concerts, movies, and live sporting events continue to be crowd-less for safety concerns; a billion dollar industry has emerged to bring them to our homes. 

Private streaming services with encryption software, and finite view platforms are allowing artists to sell verifiably scarce live performance “tickets” at a premium. In exchange, still allowing fans to experience unique events often at a cost far less than the venue fees and travel would add up to in the past.

As a recent “ticket” recipient for a live show, I was able to view a recorded music performance, one time only, and within a window of three days. 

There are other iterations that are “live only”, but mine was a more inclusive model, (and better as a surprise gift for the unknowing recipient).

The excitement of the “ticket” for one of my favorite artists was quickly met with a hardware evaluation of how to best facilitate this opportunity.

The personal evaluation renewed my appreciation toward the trending importance for elite home theatre systems, indoor or outdoor as space permits.  Colleagues in real estate have echoed this sentiment for the past ten months, as they have relayed buyer interest for this particular amenity.  And as a result, positioning the extra bedroom as not only a “home office”, but “home office and theatre space”. 

Also as they describe, “no one is having guests anymore” for the extra room(s) to be used in that capacity.

This trial peek into the new age of live event monetization technology resonated.

As designers and integrators in the smart home industry, it falls on us to communicate these trends to our clients, and encourage the development of these hybrid spaces for those without designated theatre rooms. 

That said, “invisible speakers” with flush presentations along with “hidden tv’s” by way of mirrors, paintings, hydraulic mounts, or projectors are leading the way- particularly in spaces with an interior decorator’s touch. 

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