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A Home Automation System Makes Every Day Extraordinary

Smart Home Living Redefines the Possibilities

A Home Automation System Makes Every Day Extraordinary

A few decades ago, smart technology was almost unheard of. Today, it’s become mainstream, and for good reason! Imagine shades that automatically rise in the morning, nudging you from sleep. Your home is already set to the perfect temperature, your latte’s made, and your favorite meteorologist is discussing the weather on the kitchen TV.

A home automation system makes everyday tasks easy and enjoyable. You can manage your lights, HVAC, entertainment, and shades with one touch or automate them to follow your routine. 

For those who cringe at the thought of more technology and equipment, fear not! These systems seamlessly integrate into your home’s ecosystem, reducing clutter while adding beautiful devices for one-touch control. 

Are you ready to enhance your everyday living in your West Palm Beach, FL, home and the surrounding areas? Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Centralized Control 

The advent of remote controls offered incredible convenience. Then, as more devices led to more remotes, ease led to frustration. A home automation system changes that, controlling almost everything from a centralized hub.

At Definitive Electronics, we partner with industry-leading brands like Crestron and Control4. These brands are compatible with nearly every smart device, allowing your technology to work together seamlessly.  

Instead of searching for the right remote, tap a button on an elegant in-wall keypad or easy-to-use touchscreen. Would you like to hear your favorite playlist and dim the lights during dinner? Press the “Dine” button, and your home transforms, setting the perfect environment.

Setting the Scene

Customization is the key to successful smart home living, and scenes play a large part in this personalization. Scenes offer one-touch control of multiple systems and are programmed with your family’s preferences in mind. 

For instance, a ‘Movie Night’ button may dim the lights, lower the blackout shades, and switch the TV on in the media or living room. A ‘Good Night’ button lowers the shades, turns off the lights and AV equipment, locks the doors, sets the temperature, and arms the alarm.

Do you regularly entertain or have friends over for backyard parties and barbecues? Tapping ‘Entertain’ transforms the lights throughout your home and outdoor areas to the perfect hue and intensity while igniting the Tiki torches around the pool. The ‘Entertain’ playlist streams through your home, patio, and landscape, and the front gate unlocks to welcome your guests. 

If you can dream it, our team of expert integrators can make it happen.  

An Automated Approach

We can also program your smart home to automatically make changes throughout the day based on your location, time, or temperature. It may turn off the lights when everyone leaves a room, lower the shades when direct sunlight begins heating up your home, and so much more.

Remote Access 

Thanks to your mobile app, you can access your home automation system from anywhere. Hard day at work? Tap the ‘Relax’ icon before you leave and arrive to the perfect temperature, a heated spa, and your ‘Chill Out’ playlist streaming through your home and yard.

Are you ready to explore the incredible lifestyle a home automation system provides? To learn more about smart home living or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Definitive Electronics today.

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