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A Day In the Life of Your Automated Smart Home

Smart Home Automation Is There from the Moment You Wake Up Until You Go Back to Bed

A Day In the Life of Your Automated Smart Home

A smart home should simplify and optimize your lifestyle any time you are in the house, and even when you are not. At Definitive Electronics, smart home automation is at the heart of all our projects in Stuart, FL, and all across the sunshine state. From smart lights shining in the backyard to tunable fixtures and AV systems in the home theater, automation makes every technology and device better and more effective. 

Day or night, here are the ways that home automation and smart technologies are with you every step of the way, from the moment you wake up to when you go back to bed. 

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A Relaxing Morning 

Hiring an integration and automation company is your best bet at achieving an optimal performance on any smart devices across your home. From the moment you wake up, your smart thermostat will automatically adjust to a comfortable, pre-programmed temperature. Meanwhile, smart lights in the bedroom will gradually brighten and the motorized shades roll up for a peaceful, comfortable morning” Depending on your preferences, you could issue a voice command for the TV to turn on and play something while you get ready for work. If time is short, you can even watch the news directly on your mirror, courtesy of a Seura mirror TV! 

When you are ready to leave, just step into the car, open the Crestron app, and lock every door and turn off every light at home with just a tap. 

An Afternoon Away 

While you are at the office, or anywhere else away from home, automated technology systems will keep an eye on your house and loved ones for you. Smart security cameras can stream live footage to your smartphone, sending you real-time notifications whenever a motions sensor or video doorbell detects movement nearby. If there is a delivery driver arriving soon, remotely unlock the door for them and lock it again after they leave. Are you leaving on vacation for a few weeks? No worries! Set the lights to turn on and off randomly to deter potential intruders from approaching your home. 

A Restful Night 

There is nothing like getting back home after work. From the comfort of your car, tap on a “Welcome” scene and arrive to experience a gentle, relaxing light and your favorite song playing across a state-of-the-art whole home AV system. If you have a couple of hours to spare, you can even enjoy a nice movie at the home theater with your friends and loved ones. 

When it is time to sleep, dim the tunable lights and lower the shades for a sleep that would be impossible anywhere but home!

A day in the life of a smart home is closer than you think, and contacting us is the first step to getting you there. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help! 

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