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Is Smart Lighting Control Worth It? You Be the Judge!

Discover the Benefits Smart Lighting & Shading Can Provide Your Vero Beach Home

Is Smart Lighting Control Worth It? You Be the Judge!

If you’re reading this article, we can guess you may be a little curious about smart lighting. But maybe you’re unsure what it really does. And what’s wrong with the on/off switches you’ve known your whole life?

Until you’ve experienced smart lighting control, it’s hard to imagine the spectacular advantages it provides. Your lights are never stuck in one color, brightness, or temperature, and with a smart controller, you can program lights to follow a routine schedule every day. Plus, motorized shades make window treatments easier to manage!

Read on to imagine what smart lighting can bring to your Vero Beach, FL home.

Control Your Lights, Shades, Audio & More Through the Power of Voice

Getting Started with Voice-Controlled Home Automation

Control Your Lights, Shades, Audio & More Through the Power of Voice

Since Siri was introduced in 2011, voice assistants have increasingly become commonplace in many American households. Most people use their voice speakers to play songs or ask random questions like, “Alexa, what’s the flattest state in America?” (It’s Florida!)

That’s fun, but it isn’t really useful—until you merge voice control with home automation. When you own a smart home system like Crestron or Control4, you can manage your entire house in just a voice command, like casting a magic spell. If you’re new to voice-controlled home automation, here’s what you need to know for your home in the Palm Beach, FL area. 

A Day in the Life With Home Automation

Work with Our Expert Company, And You’re One Step Away From This Dream

A Day in the Life With Home Automation

Many people spend hours working on some aspect of their Florida home. But what if the opposite could be true - and your home could work for you? Imagine waking up each day to a residence that optimizes your comfort, convenience, and entertainment with every step you take.

With one call to your premier local home automation company - Definitive Electronics - you could watch your Boca Raton or surrounding area abode turn into a luxurious, integrated space. We’ll show you the possibilities by walking you through a day in the life within a smart home, much like many projects we’ve installed before.

Holiday Season 2020 with Touch-less Technology

The Timeliness of Friction-less Control(s)

Holiday Season 2020 with Touch-less Technology

As we continue to strategize the ever daunting task of whether to host family and friend gatherings during this unique Holiday season in sunny South Florida, safety and health remain the utmost concern.

Seemingly all around the Country, Covid-19 cases continue to rise while many families prepare to welcome college-age students back during their respective school breaks. 

In learning to control what we can in our own environments, cleaning and mitigating the most touched surfaces ironically turns our attention back to our household controls.

Industry leaders like Crestron and Control4 have made enormous advancements in device reactive voice commands, while Josh.AI positions “himself” as a popular alternative to "Alexa".

Motion sensitive programming allows pre-programmed settings to resume only in the event of room occupancy, which satisfies the touch-less solution while offering a cost saving advantage as well.

Regardless of the method one chooses to elevate health consciousness in the home, we are fortunate to find ourselves in a peak period of innovation with several providers and integrators for you to choose.

Keeping our clients educated on these options has become part of our excpetional customer service offering.

Since 1999, Definitive Electronics serves the premiere residential areas of Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach, and Coastal South Florida.  Specializing in high-end audio/video, home theatre, smart home automation, home network, home security, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and phone systems; DES offers 24/7, 365 day support for all of its clients.