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Articles tagged with: Home Theater

The Beginner’s Guide to Surround Sound Systems

All You Need to Create an Immersive, Cinematic Experience

The Beginner’s Guide to Surround Sound Systems

Is your home theater really a home theater without surround sound?

Sure, internal TV speakers may promise to sound better than ever, and soundbars are marketed to include “3D surround sound.” But unless you have a system of speakers arranged around seating, you won’t achieve the depth and detail true surround sound provides.

If you’re new to surround sound, you may be unsure where to start. Can you find any old speakers and place them around the room? There’s more to it than that. Audio is both a science and an art, and below, we’ll share how you can build a surround sound system for your home in the Palm Beach and South Florida area.

Architects, ‘Wow’ Your Clients with These Custom Home Theater Ideas

Bring Jaw-Dropping Results to Home Cinemas & Media Rooms

Architects, ‘Wow’ Your Clients with These Custom Home Theater Ideas

So, your client wants a home theater. What’s your plan? 

You’ll need a space that’s large enough to accommodate a 120-inch screen and a few rows of seating. And you’ll probably include the standard number of outlets and lights as you would in any living room space. But what if you could take the project a step further? 

With the right planning and by partnering with an AV integrator, you’ll build custom home theaters that leave your clients speechless—in the best way! And in the future, if homeowners are looking for an architect in the Jupiter, FL area, when they see a stunning custom home theater in your portfolio, they’ll know you’re the one to trust. 

Home theaters are much more than simply hooking up a projector and screen. Read on to see how you can amplify your custom projects with more home theater expertise.