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What Makes A Good Outdoor Audio Installation

Our experts break down the factors that set professional outdoor speaker installations apart

What Makes A Good Outdoor Audio Installation

Spend more time outside with family and friends by upgrading your outdoor spaces! Imagine listening to your favorite music and watching your favorite movies under the stars with just a few taps on a screen. An outdoor entertainment installation makes all of this possible! 

How do you get high-end audio throughout your property? The best way is through a professionally installed outdoor sound system. When you work with the experts, you can enjoy a wide range of features that add convenience and elegance to your lifestyle.

Check out our blog to learn three characteristics of a high-end outdoor audio system in West Palm Beach, FL.


Speakers Made For The Outdoors

Some homeowners make the mistake of trying to bring their indoor speakers outside to enjoy their music. Doing this will lead to poor sound quality and ruined speakers. Indoor speakers rely on the acoustics of an enclosed space to function. Without four walls to bounce off, the sound will be weak and unintelligible when competing with ambient noise like cars or wind, and the speakers will be unable to withstand the elements. Outdoor speakers are made to create clear sound in wide-open spaces. Most are IP-rated, meaning they can survive weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, dust, wind, and more without damage.

Professional Installation

A complete and comprehensive audio system is more than a single BlueTooth speaker brought outside or a few speakers installed along your patio wall. It is a complete solution that creates a clear soundscape throughout your backyard. First, our technicians will complete an on-site survey of your space and create a custom plan to determine where best to place your speakers. Then, using a combination of speakers and equipment that might include wall-mounted speakers, rock speakers, bollard speakers, outdoor subwoofers, amplifiers, and more, our team will install your components throughout your property for outstanding sound that won’t disturb the neighbors.

Audio Zones

There is no need to forgo the sophistication of a multizone audio system if you have large outdoor spaces on your property. Whether you have a pool, porch, outdoor kitchen, or backyard, our experts can design a system that evenly covers your entire property with clear sound and connects with your indoor multi-room audio system. We can even create distinct audio zones in different areas of your outdoor living spaces. For example, play an upbeat party playlist by the pool, a yoga walkthrough on the patio, and relaxing music on the porch. We will carefully calibrate your system to ensure minimal sound bleed between zones. Your family can pull up their favorite music and play it in just one zone, multiple zones, or throughout your outdoor spaces!


Turn your outdoor living spaces into your oasis with an outdoor entertainment system. Whether you have a small property or a sprawling estate, we have an audio solution for you. Contact us here for any questions or to get started on your outdoor audio installation today! We would love to hear from you.

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