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The Finishing Touch to Interior Design: Motorized Shades

Streamline Shades and Evenly Open Drapes with One Press of a Button

The Finishing Touch to Interior Design: Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are known for their convenience and efficiency. But beyond that, they’re a smart finish to any interior design project. Whether you’re a designer cultivating solutions for clients or a homeowner who’s ready for a home makeover, motorized shades are one of the most exciting items in today’s luxury homes. 

We’re a home technology integrator in the Stuart, FL area that programs and installs motorized shades and smart home systems. In this article, we’ll dive into what makes automated shades a valuable asset to any home and how they can help designers stay ahead of the curve.

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Every Moment Is a Design 

When we install smart home systems, we’re also thinking about the atmosphere the lighting, shading, and audio-visuals will create. Imagine pressing a button on a wall keypad or app labeled ‘Dinner.’ At once, the drapes can close, lights will transition to warm low lighting, and jazz music can trickle over the in-wall speakers. Motorized shades automatically set the scene for movie watching, date nights, or relaxation and can work in tandem with other home technologies. 

Streamlined and In Place 

When all of the shades in a house are ‘smart,’ that means they can all be activated at the same time. You can enjoy a tidy straight line of shades lowered halfway, looking absolutely perfect from both inside and outdoors. Horizontal drapes can open evenly from the center, stopping wherever you please—in a voice command, button tap, or by automated schedule. 

Creative Fabrics and Transparencies 

It would be a shame to ever block those gorgeous ocean views. Luckily, Lutron’s motorized shades are available in sheer materials that preserve the view while still providing privacy. You can still gaze outside and feel connected to nature, just without the glare. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Lutron’s blackout shades can turn a room completely dark, perfect for home theaters and midday naps. Lutron offers countless options for fabrics and materials, so you can still add impeccable style to any room.

Would you like to learn more about motorized shades? Curious about adding them to your Florida design projects? Connect with Definitive Electronics by filling out our contact form. We’ll be in touch! 

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