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3 Ways Multiroom Audio Is a Smart Investment

All Music, All Areas, All the Time

3 Ways Multiroom Audio Is a Smart Investment

Music can set an ambiance and a mood. Whether you want a fast beat to energize your workout or just to relax by the pool on a beautiful Florida afternoon, music can put you in the desired frame of mind.

Most people tend to have a primary audio system as part of their media room or home theater and may employ Bluetooth or other small powered speakers for convenient sound in different rooms. But what if you could enjoy music with equal fidelity as you move from room to room in your Vero Beach home? That's exactly what you can have with a multiroom audio system. Read below to learn how multiroom audio enhances your home and lifestyle. 

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Let the Music Flow

The biggest perk of multiroom audio is being able to listen to anything you want in any area of your home, even outdoors. But you don’t have to play the same music in every area. Your kids can splash in the pool to some modern pop while you enjoy easy jazz in the home office. Instead of powered speakers that plug into an outlet and take up space on a counter or furniture, your multiroom system has discreet speakers that hide neatly in walls and ceilings. You might be surprised at the incredible variety of speakers available from top brands, from those suitable for background listening to audiophile-level options.  

Another advantage of multiroom audio is the ability to connect practically any audio source to play where you want. Aside from today's most popular streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music, you can listen to CDs, vinyl records from a turntable, and audio from a TV, so you never miss a word or a beat as you roam about the house. 

High-Resolution Digital Quality

Digital formats and technology have improved and enhanced multiroom audio in significant ways. Streaming services provide a nearly infinite array of music, podcasts, and shows to enjoy. Digital systems can distribute audio throughout your house with no degradation, which could be a problem with long speaker and audio cable runs in previous eras. Plus, today's systems are compatible with the current high-resolution audio formats, a technology that packs more detail and depth into music than standard CD audio. 

Intuitive Control

Today’s multiroom systems couldn't be easier to use. Choose the music source, the areas where you want to listen, and hit play on a touchscreen interface from a dedicated remote or an app on your smart device. You won't have to worry about input sources and other vagaries of older systems. One view lets you see what's playing in each room or zone, the volume level, and the artist and album art for easy visual identification. And you have even more options for control, as you can use a wall-mounted keypad with presets for starting a specific genre of music over a set of speakers in a space. 


Let Definitive Electronics set you up with all the perks of a multiroom audio setup. Contact us here or send us a message below to get started today! 

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