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Benefits of a Distributed Video System

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How often have you thought about what it would be like to have a distributed audio/video system in your home? Besides the usability and convenience of the system, it can also save you money and can keep storage space to a minimum. Distributed video systems allow for a single video source (like a satellite receiver, BluRay, Kaleidescape System) to be shared within multiple Televisions in your home that are tied to a video switch. Here’s where the money and storage savings come in… For example, if you have 9 TVs throughought your home and would like to watch cable on all 9 of them, you would need to have 9 different cable boxes at each TV; and each of the cable boxes have a cost. Think about this…. How many times would you ACTUALLY watch all 9 of those TV’s at the same time? An easy and cost efficient solution is a distributed video system. Distributed video let’s you use just two or three cable boxes for all of the TVs in your house, saving you on that monthly equipment cost. An HDMI switch is built into your home to keep all of your BluRay, Media Players, Cable Boxes, even Gaming Systems in one central location like an equipment closet, den or equipment rack. Video is ran through a standard Ethernet cable and distributed to the TV locations in your home. From here… you can choose to control your Video Sources through an IR signal (which requires some type of line-of-sight) or you can upgrade your system to control it via Home Automation System like Crestron.


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